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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gun Laws and Boating 07 25 2012

My father had a friend who was an electrician.  He invited us up to his cottage up north for two days.  The heating was electric baseboard and I got nosebleeds that did not go away.  He took us out in the boat and the water was crystal clear.  When he saw the Cisco kid type lure in my tackle box his eyebrows went up.  And while I was there I also got to play in the large wood pile.

Anyhow I can remember him telling us the story of how he was out in a boat and a Moose started chasing them in the water and it was catching up to him and his four horse power motor.  I think of this and also of how I often like to take my boat into little channels and creeks from the main lake basins just to see what is there and if it would make a nice picture.  I also think of how I have been in the woods three times in the last 2 years and have heard wild cats calling out to me.

I think I also remember watching television and seeing someone being shot dead by a police officer for driving their car around in circles, not stopping and endangering public safety. 

That's all for this writing.

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