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Monday, July 9, 2012

I would think that the news media would be under an obligation

I would think that the news media would be under an obligation to not relay things that they know are not true.

The FCC should regulate this.
For example if a potential politicians lies on a televised news program he was invited on he should be fined and so should the news media agency.
And if you lie one too many times you lose your broadcasting license.  Really anyone speaking on that television and pontificating and broadcasting to the public should be bound by this rule.
And every person should need a broadcasting license in order to speak on television- none of this experience in speaking stuff.

Evil exists when good men fail to act.  One could argue that the news media has let far too many untruths and propagandise pass without dismissing it as what it is and is not.  But that is not how it works- the guests are often allowed to get the better of the interviewers.  That should never be allowed to happen because it creates a foundation of lies.  What does it also evidence?  It is evidence that the guests on news programs have very little respect for the host or the public.  It is an insult to America.

And if you let a lie pass one too many times you lose your broadcast license.  
Also the use of polls and statistics has not been true to what they were meant to measure.  It is meaningless and misleading to listen and hear them on the television.

All he has to say is, "I know that is not true,"  or "I believe that is not true" when confronted with these issues in a topic.  But instead that bad side gets to speak its mind and show its wears as if he/she is a fashion model.

What has happened over time and is the current state is that "through no fault of anyone" we are mired in mediocrity.

These shows need to be able to call TIME OUTS where the speaker is not allowed to speak.  Really all the guests should be put in sound proof booths where they can be cut off when they get ridiculous.  The host never has the strength to control any of the bamboozlers on television today.

Maybe if we had this media responsibility the country would not be in as bad shape as it is.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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