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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Transposition of false leaders and followers who are really leaders 07 27 2012

The transposition of false leaders and followers who are really leaders 07 27 2012

There is a very interesting point to be made and a study with regard to thereof of; of abdicating responsibility to those who have always been responsible but never knew it.

What happen’s is the thought process changes when this occurs.  It becomes one of not reflecting on those who were in charge prior but instead there is no one’s thinking to be critical of but your own.

It makes one wonder if decision making should always be a process of the understudy who isn’t second guessing the lead?  But where I think the problem resides is that the former lead resents the situation and tries either unknowingly or of an otherwise nature to stymie or subvert the process.  It is kind of an inherent see I told you so policy? 

Wait there is something that I have not considered and it is the part of the leads thinking that changes when it is now subordinate.  The now second is left with a totally different psychology.

1.       It is used to being regarded as best even though it never was.  It received acclaim that it did not deserve and that was part of its energy.

2.       It has a different part to play in that it has to develop a new legitimacy of opinion from what amounts to an antithetical point of view.

3.       Effectively when this occurs has the role of the one who receives become one of false acclaim in that it no longer can develop any purpose?  (wordy but there is a point there.)

4.       In other words if the former lead cannot take the unreflective initiative and blaze the blind trail- it has no function?

This is all about leaders who are not true leaders and followers who are really true leaders.  Either you get it or you don’t.  Anyway it is best in the form of a gradual process when one figures out what is really going on.

And what is the new dynamic of cooperation that occurs?

This could all be word salad.  I am not going to review it to make sure it isn’t or attempt to perfect it. 

Quote of the day, "She likes to make homonym mis-substitutions."

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