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Sunday, July 15, 2012

How safe are our nuclear reactors 07 15 2012

How safe are our nuclear reactors 07 15 2012
How safe are our nuclear reactors in terms of potential environmental contamination?
There really should not be any natural disaster of any magnitude that they cannot survive without contaminating our planet.  A pot smoking freak should be able to flip one switch on the way out the door and the reactor is safe for all of eternity.
That means that they should be made resistant to:
1.       Tsunami
2.       Apocalyptic millennium flooding and torrential rain
3.       Earthquake
4.       Erosion of foundation
5.       Multiple lighting strikes of a magnitude greater than ever known.
6.       Tornadoes the size of Rhode Island.
7.       Hurricanes.
8.       Bunker busting bombs.
9.       Pot finger button pushing freak.
If any of these occurred anywhere in the world the human race could be made extinct!
You cannot think of just the obvious things.  You have to think, “What if new diseases and plagues spawned from nuclear radiation!  What if people started to mutate into cannibals?”
Do I have to say that the sleeping sickness in Cambodia might be due to 40 years of adaptive and changed genetics and biometabolisms caused by the wonderful alchemy of Agent Orange?  Common sense tells me this is true.  But apparently our chemists who are said to be scientists never think of the importance of these things.
The truth is that every one of those nuclear reactors needs to be shut down and made neutralized or benign today!
What is God telling us when Japan has a nuclear reactor incident?  Is it something about Barrack who received political funds from nuclear Utility and is now president?
What is God telling us when a man who profited from Depression sized financial crisis is his contender for President of the United States?
Wake up America. 
I know it seems like my rants are trying to incite something.  I am not.  I am just pointing out what I see going on.
Here is another what is God telling us.  “What is God telling us when we are having drought conditions?  He is telling us that we are using too much carbon monoxide energy to produce our crops in abundance.  Our high and productive farmland production is dependent on oil for the tractors and also in the energy used in and chemistry of fertilizer production.  It is like the earth has a way of balancing out the way of the evil? Organic farming is where we are headed whether we like it or not so those who initiate it first will benefit.”
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With the thinning ozone we need to make an all out effort to switch to photovoltaics that pose no threat to the environment upon reaching the end of their useful lives.

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  1. A great irony of the irresponsible is that the secondary and tertiary effects are never adequately considered because they are too costly. In business speak they are glossed over with terms like, “That is not feasible.” And I am speaking of course with regard to long term safety considerations. The important considerations are marginalized from the decision making process because they cost a few dollars more. The liability with regard to them can never be compensated by your time value of money interest factor. It is a losing game on the business graph. A pass the mutants forward to a later generation. No true parents would ever manage by leaving potential future disasters for humans. Kind of reminds me of when I walked through my neighbor’s yard where his little adopted girl plays and there was a pile of his dog crap every foot like a mine field; I just didn’t get it?