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Friday, July 20, 2012

Coloroda Shooting section II

Anybody notice how much the television news stations are now talking about mental health and preventative treatment. 

Contrast this to Paterno and Sandusky.  There was very little if any mention or insightful questions asked about what is wrong with that group of people that would ritualistically molest boys.

In fact psychiatry really has never had a proper diagnosis for those types of people.   You would think that there would be a sum certain diagnosis for people like that but there are not.  What their diagnosis is, is if you can pay a lawyer enough money to find you innocent of the crime you are free again.  And then they debate whether you should still have a statue of yourself or not in the college square.

If you went to the Doctor and told him that you thought you were like Jesus Christ that would be grounds for medicating you.  But if you went to the Doctor, and this never ever ever happens, and told him that you thought that you were Satan- well that is not a diagnosis for anything is it.

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