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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Pentagon Reports that there are 19,000 sexaul assaults in the

The Pentagon Reports that there are 19,000 sexual assaults in the military every year.
This is all wrong and I do not even know where to start on it.  There needs to be court marshals and prosecutions and loss of military benefits and prison and sale of military assets.  We can all go back to the High School rifle teams and keep these creeps out of foreign policy.  The status of the US was always lead through integrity and if they come to our homes we use our right to keep and bear arms and kill the invaders.

The frailty of human nature will never allow the United States to be the military police of the world.  We are far better off leading by example of what we can do right in this country.
So the question arises, "If we were to execute all the sexual offenders like they do in Iran would we even have a military at all?"
The Constitution says that we are not to have an army for more than 2 years.

So if we do not have a military, and our foreign policy has indeed lead to the 911 attacks, what do we do with all those big dumb jocks?  (do a search for this article by me.  What do we do with all those big dumb jocks.)  I got news for you many of those big dumb jocks should have been held back in school and not made it into college.

I could go on and on about this.  But I will say this much.  We should not have anymore college sports scholarships like we do today.  College is for thinkers not dumb jocks.  This framework in our society has created the most irresponsible workforce the country has ever known.  The two just do not go hand in hand.  And if you add the satanic into the fray of the picture you have a horror that.  This horror cannot even look itself in the mirror because it thinks it is someone else.

I think that they would make good factory workers or farm workers. 

And a word about corn crop insurance.  Insurance works like this, they will sell you all the insurance in the world but if there is a giant catastrophe and they cannot pay they declare bankruptcy.  And you stand around thinking that you should have planned more responsibly.

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