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Monday, July 16, 2012

Documentary of a woman who conspired to have her husband murdered

Last night I watched a documentary of a woman who conspired to have her husband murdered.

I would like to make my observations about what clues I saw in her face.

1.  She seemed odd looking.
2.  Her emotional expressions were odd.  Like she had reserved or unresolved hatred.
3.  She seemed to be possessed by the spirit of a spoiled child.  And it indeed makes me wonder if she is of the Lilith archetype of the Bible who is said to steal children's souls.
4.  She seemed ineffectual.  The odd emotional responses indicated that she did not enjoy ordinary things in life and instead treasured money.  Which leads to another law that should be enacted.  No-one should be able to buy life insurance for another person in an amount greater than $150,000.00.  Why not?  A man was murdered for the life insurance money!!!  It is the motivation for murder in many cases.  And many people have indeed been murdered in schemes for large sums of life insurance money.
5.  She had shifty eyes indicative of a habitual liar.
6.  I believe that she might have been involved in an incestuous relationship with her son. 
7.  Her face had layers of apathy.  She seemed to act like her fat facial layers provided a fence or mask that hid her true emotions.  The reality is that the blank expression was really indicative of lack of proper emotion.

Insight into myself.

I have always thought that I would end up the same as anyone else if I lived under the same circumstances as someone else.~  That a person is born with a physical body and that a soul from conception is formed and developed through life experience.  What does this mean?  This is why I believe in equality and fairness- because I could have been born anyone else.  It is a very interesting perspective to have and often leads to the solving of many problems.  It allows one to see both sides of an argument and also to apply introspective insight from a different point of view.  I suppose you could say that it indicates a greater level of empathy.  And empathy can also be said to be one of those traits that separates man from beast.

I saw a documentary of a black man who revealed how he truly thought about customers who uttered racial slurs at him.  Her is how I think about people and it is very similar to how he did,  but when I found myself being overwhelmed by the spirit of a racist I thought this, "Your odd, your stupid and your mean and you don't belong with us."  And I kept repeating it to myself until that evil left me.

That's all for now, from one that no-one ever respects.

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