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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mitt Romney is a White N1663R

Mitt Romney is a White N1663R

“Yes sir ee my professional writing career was launched into fame and fortune when I wrote a piece titled ‘Mitt Romney is a White N1663R’”

It happened when Mitt Romney was asked the question, “How do you respond to allegations that you are a white n1663r?”

“Who said that?”

And the rest is history I become rich and famous as my delusion of grandeur or literary imagination becomes reality.


Romney is no less than promising to take us to War with Iran.  He is already violating the Constitution of the United States before he has even been sworn in to uphold it if he were elected as President of the United States.

For those of you who do not understand what failure to manage your own country means- it means you take us to War instead of making the country a better place.  Romney has failed as President before he was ever elected.

Our solders couldn’t win in Iraq or Pakistan.  We have 19,000 cases of sexual assault in our military ever year.  The suicide rate in the Middle East by United States solders exceeds death by the “enemy.”

Romney is bating London too with his comments London is not ready for the Olympics.  He is also said to have talked about the movie “Fight Club” with MI6.  All of these higher government intelligence agencies around the world including the CIA in the United States are populated by those who are of the dependent mind or satanic mind.  Romney is pretending to give England the Tom Sawyer motivation to paint the fence with regard to siding with the United States in WWIII with his aggressive comments and trip.  I have no doubt in my mind that he wants to start a war.  I could go so far as to say that those like him with dependent minds are not human but that would be just as bad a form of racism as the Satanic are.

President Carter ushered peace in the Middle East and good ole Republican Ronald Reagan meddled and gave arms to IRAN.  Most likely on the advice of the fortune teller and we have had trouble ever since in the Middle East.  The Republican constituency looked up to the man who consulted a fortune teller to make governmental policy as if he was an idolized deity.  Make no misconception about this- this is the prevailing mindset of the idle minded wealth class.

Russia gets a lot of its oil from Iran.  Somehow I believe we have convinced Russia that not allowing Iran to export foreign oil is a good idea.  There is a psychological construct at work here by the United States government and it is this; “In a time of crisis people quickly realize that they have been told a lie and believed it and they respond to this realization with aggression.  Waves of mass psychology can form as the pent up effect of the lie is vented in violence.  Unfortunately the CIA and the governments around the world including Syria have the technology to incite and foment waves of mass psychology that result in violence and fighting in the streets.  The Satanic target those who have been the leaders of their school of thought with bravado and gung hoe.  The Satanic always know where these people will be, whether in wartime or peace.  That body bag coming home is sometimes a result of friendly fire even though it isn’t.

So here is how the Romney War would play out.  Israel bombs Iran.  Iran launches Nuclear at Israel and so does Romney from Nuclear submarines that tilt on their axis to fire low contour flying nuclear missiles.  Don’t ask me how I know about the nuclear submarines that can tilt on their axis and fire sideways.

As I said the U.S. backs Israel and Romney launches missiles.  The Nuclear aftermath results in extinction of the human race.  Why?  Because the chain reaction to the ecosystem of the earth was something the highly paid low grade imbeciles in think tanks out East never considered.

Romney you are not smart enough to incite and win WWIII for the human race- please leave politics and the face of the public eye for good!!!

If you send red blooded apple pie American boys to fight a ground war against IRAN there would be many defectors!!!  With 19,000 sexual assaults in the military a year by what can only be thought of as HOMO’s (men don’t do this) and Iran known to execute them you would see IRAN quickly become the new World Military Leader.  But maybe you planned for this too and will seek to nuclear irradiate IRAN once all the honest American Soldiers who don’t sexually assault other human beings defect.  That would be in line with the modus operandi of the satanic race in the United States today.

Patreus(Sp?) the former leader of the Army wants a new Gym at the CIA.  If I were President of this country I would give him the money to build one right away in hopes that more healthy bodies would make more healthy minds and therefore more responsible decisions.    But I will be completely honest with you, if I were President of the United States the CIA would be dismantled and all CIA members will be tattooed, “I am a homosexual,” on their foreheads and sent to Iran.

A man on the radio said in what might or might not be jest that the CIA is said to have the technology to kill people by exploding their fillings with satellite based lasers.  Have you ever had the fillings in your mouth vibrate like you are being rattle boned?  I have.  Have you ever had the fillings in your mouth heat up?  I have.  Have you ever felt a wave of heat come over your face while you are working with power tools in your basement workshop and experience decreased vision because your eyes have dried out?  I have.

Colonel John Alexander of the United States Military admitted that the Department of Defense had developed electronic technology capable of making a person hear voices in their head.  Who would use this on people?  Those who are of dependent mind to a leader of their school of thought and do not want to learn anymore in their life because indeed learning is a form of suffering for them.  If I was President of the United States there would be no more CIA.  And I would uphold the Constitution and disband our Army.  Every United States Citizen would be required to own and safely handle a firearm as part of a Militia and if you do not like it you are free to leave to live in a lazy head country.  The United States should not be a lazy head country, but that is what it is becoming because of the rise of the no child left behinds.  Hollywood you ought to catch hold of that one and make a movie of it titled, “The Rise of the No Child Left Behinds.”  It would feature a group of corner sitting dunces running the country and making every bad decision that could ever be made.  And good ole Romney with his hold em down and shave their heads might even find a role in this movie in lei of becoming President.  Is it safe to say that Bonzo Romney probably should have been expelled from school?

Let’s see how does that clandestine satellite based technology work, “I was riding my bicycle down the steep hill on Lincoln Memorial drive and when the white N1663R said to me Via the synthetic telepathy satellite projection to my skull, “Firmly clasp the left brake lever.”

They killed an independent thinker as the pavement went through my skull and therefore avoided the woman’s mind need to send a independent thinking red blooded Apple Pie American straight male off to his death in a Middle East War.

But wait a minute.  Romney has the same voice as Ronald Reagan did when he speaks to America today.  And Reagan a Republican too did indeed make deals with IRAN before he was President so that he could steal the Presidency out from under Carter.  It should have been considered an act of treason but we were all in an emotional stupefied daze because of it.  But the good ole actor salesman Reagan just kept pontificating and assuring the American public with witticisms most likely written by his fortune teller.

So if we have been known to deal with Iran in the past pre-election how do we know that we are not doing so under clandestine operations today?  The scenario would read like this.

“Yes siree Bob special discount rates apply for one week only.  Get in touch with your Jewish Roots.  Visit Israel today.  That is right,  deep discount hotel and travel rates for one week only.  It is the Walnut cracking religious wall festival to honor American Jews.  One week only.  Discount travel and hotel rates to Israel for the select privileged who belong to the Jewish Faith.”

Then Iran drives the Potato truck into Israel and the rest is history.

The greater majority of white people in the world are low grade imbeciles to me.  The Term N166eR should have more broader implications and not strictly thought of as being applied to blacks.  Indeed this is not a fair term for all blacks.  And N166eR applies equally to whites as it does to blacks.  So if you are a black person do not be afraid to call a white person who is of the dependent mind a N166eR under your breath if you are experiencing racism.  But if you are of independent mind don’t say it under your breath to a fat cheeked white southern cop and one that also happens to be of dependent mind because he already knows what you are going to want to say and is ready with the club on your head if you do.  That is his way of allowing himself to believe he is of dependent mind.  And vice versa is true  also.  The hidden and greatest racism that affects all colors, creeds, and religions is that some people are of dependent mind to others.  The ones they are dependent minded to have their own souls.  There is a very small percentage of us in the world who have the independent mind gene 1%.  They call us schizophrenics and the reason they do so is because it is members of our school of thought who seek to destroy us by learning how to make us hear their mental voices in our heads.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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