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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Notes posted to topics on a political forum

A new law would be good,  keep your cash in the United States or leave it and not have any contact with us ever again?

$17 trillion in overseas accounts.

That amount of money could make this country independent of the need for foreign oil in that it could pay for a photovoltaic array energy grid.

Thomas Paul Murphy

But like all good things (and people) there would be those who were extremely jealous and seek to destroy it.  So we would have to make it fault tolerant and modular.

Thomas Paul Murphy

(In response to a comment by Republicans that they oppose the development of Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Dependent minded Republicans do not have and cannot develop Higher Order Thinking Skills.  Both their thinking and intellect can be thought of as Reflexive or Reactive.

Thomas Paul Murphy

(In response to Romney's trip to Europe.)

Men do not condone the behavior that Obama apologized for.

Thomas Paul Murphy

What is that really, I mean Romney going to Europe?  He is avoiding the issues in the United States like he does all the time.  Who believes in men like this?

The election is about issues in the country of the United States.  Not Europe where profiting from financial crisis led to the problems it is having.  I suppose Romney the great financier is there to give great financial advice to pull Europe out of a recession.  It is logic for those who like to believe in fantasy.

Thomas Paul Murphy


And one more thing, isn't this an abuse of Campaign finance law to campaign in a country overseas for the Presidency of the United States.

Jesus Christ this is exactly how Ronald Reagan stole the election from Carter!!!  He made underhanded and unauthorized deals with Iranians.  He did not have the authority to make these deals as he was not President.  He should have been impeached.  Not only that he consulted a fortune teller with regard to government policy.  Because of his blatantly crooked actions we now have gun control laws and issue's that we would not have had otherwise.  As a matter of fact Kennedy was shot with a gun and he was a Democrat.  So who benefitted the Republicans.  I do not know much about Kennedy's Vice President but I have to ask myself what role he played in his assassination.  Was it Johnson?  And Englishman?  Kings religion, feeble minded Republican?Romney goes to England, Israel, and Poland.  We have been downhill ever since. 

All the Gun control laws are the result of crooked Republicans. 

If you are not livid at a Republican President who gave Iran Arms to win an election and then consulted a fortune teller for national policy you are not a red blooded American!!!

And another thing.  We were always so sure that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  We were always so sure.  We were always so sure but no-one provided the intelligence on how we knew.  But we were always so sure.  The only reason that we could have been so sure (without revealing our sources) is that we gave them to them!!!!!  We supported Iraq and Russia supported Iran?  We should have not been there.  We had energy efficient solar technology in the 1970's that could have been mass produced and further developed but instead we were taught that if you did not believe in Ronald Reagan that you did not belong at Whitefish Bay High School.  I live here today and it is like a Nazi prison camp.  And some of these modern Nazi's are indeed of the same religion that was persecuted by them.

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