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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inventions Needed Pressure Wood Treater in a Can

Inventions Needed Pressure Wood Treater in a Can
How many of us like to make outdoor furniture but do not like to cut the green lumber.

The answer would be to take the chemical that is used in pressure treating lumber and adding a very "thin" thinner to it.  Then you could paint it on your furniture after assembly and because of the thinner that is used it would sink very deeply into the pores of the wood and effectively pressure treat the wood.  After application of the chemical you could finish your project with whatever finish that you would usually use.

In fact one could sell the pressure treatment chemical in powder form in such a durable container with novel dispenser that it would never become a respiratory hazard.  For example the nozzle could have a stem whereby the stem is inserted into a quantity of liquid paint thinner; thereby with proper care and following of instructions it would never become a respiratory hazard.

This is another one of those chemicals that will not make it into production because it is dangerous.  And it is dangerous.  For example I do not even trust myself to refill toner cartridges in my house in doors; but that is for a different reason that it bears no significance to explain.

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