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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Test Fired an AR 15 today 07 17 2012

I test fired an AR-15 for the first time in my life today.  And here is the list of complaints I had with regard to it.

1.       Cocking bolt too long and awkward meaning that it does not have the proper mass to pull it back without worrying about breaking it or bending it.

2.       Cocking bolt mechanism is way too noisy.  This mechanism should be silent.  An enemy combatant could hear you cocking this.

3.       I want to be able to see a slice of pie of the end of the bullet in  a brass hole so I can positively know whether there is a cartridge in it or not.

4.       Any charging button that pushes the bullet up into the chamber should be spring loaded and automatic.

5.       Barrel got too hot.  The barrel should be thicker and more stable for the same weight.  This could be done with a milled light bull barrel or counter spiral external barrel “rifling.”

6.       In all the excitement of firing a gun I could not remember what the little padlock looking button on the left was for.

7.       While firing a box of 50 center firing bullets I had one cartridge jam and not go in the chamber.  That is a two percent error rate and far too high when your life depends on it.

8.       An army rifle should be like this.  A. Cock it and it is ready to fire.  B. When the safety is off and there is a bullet in the gun it should always fire.  C.  The next bullet should enter the chamber easy.  D. When that last bullet has fired I want a color contrasting feature that only I the shooter can see to know that I have to duck and cover.

9.       There should never have to be anything else known about it.

10.   The bolt doesn’t always chamber a bullet when it pulls forward.  This seems purposefully screwy to me.

11.   The bullet could be bigger for the same amount of powder.  That would mean a longer nose bullet.  In other words if I hit an enemy combatant in the arm with it he ought to  be worthless and bleed to death before he can run all the way back through the tar sands to hoping some witch back at the rock cave will marry him some day.

12.   The gun stock did not extend back far enough  to my shoulder so that I could stabilize the rifle enough for a longer shot.

13.   Every next generation .223 or other army rifle should have an infrared laser sight on every model of the rifle.  The infrared dot should only be able to be seen on the red dot of the scope.  This can only be accomplished by giving the nose of the gun a modular shape so one can be swapped on quickly. The modular end of the barrel would mean less “rolling” of the sight on the barrel and an easier sight to sight in gun.  This type of sight should take one AA sized battery.  This battery could be swapped for one with rechargeable lithium ion technology and indeed a soldier or the gun might have a mini photovoltaic panel on it to make sure the gun battery is charged.  Modular end means that it should be hexagonal or pentagonal for the first four or five inches.

14.   The break down pin needs to have a cotter spring type clip on it so that it can be pushed out easier.  The current model is recessed.  This would comply with a primary rule of firearm safety in that a solder could readily check if his barrel is clean.

15.   There was one more point I had with regards to improvement of this gun but it was stolen from my mind by the use of magnetic pulse technology because it was so good.

16.   One positive about the gun is that it is very light.

17.   One should be able to tell how many rounds they have in the clip at all times with just a quick glance.

18.   For an army rifle the gun needs to be able to hold more bullets in the clip.  While still maintaining the light weight of the clip.  This could be accomplished by having the clip or slips be spring tubes that were located in the tube of the handle.  That is how I would make it.  Every solder carries the weight of the bullets on his person anyway so you might as well get more in the gun. 

You have not had a President or Governor who could tell you what is wrong with it yet.

As I was firing the gun I thought of my father who was a Combat Medic in WWII.  He used to tell me stories about the Hurtican Forest (mspl) and the Bridge at Rammagan (mspl).  As a concerned citizen he enlisted in the Army in order to serve in WWII.  When he got home from the War he did not care to go out camping or for the forest whatsoever; he saw trees get sawed down with machine gun fire.  I often think that those who did not serve in the military were not concerned for our environment over the last 50 years when it was their place to do so because they did not have to live through the hell of fighting in the forest.  In other words the good and responsible men became shell shocked from their concern for the environment.  In contrast to those who had the positions and capacity to be responsible.

If you think a Carl Rove type could be able to tell you this you make me want to puke.  I don’t want to tell you what duck in what gallery it reminded me of when I watched him do a drunken dance.

PS Hold onto your metal Russian made ammo because it is more penetrating that standard lead.  The Russians have been rumored for a very long time to have technology that can affect the weather.  It would be just like them to invade us after we are drought dry dying.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS2  I have more to add to this.

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  1. PS the tail of the zealot got me on that proper name stuff. But I will leave everything just as it is so that one knows how an evil spirit can attempt to negatively influence people.