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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Invention Needed: Just had a corticosteroid spinal injection today 07 18 2012

Just had a corticosteroid spinal injection today 07 18 2012

They did not need to sedate me and it was not painful.  This shot reduces inflammation so that a bulging disk in your back starts to shrink.  It took 15 minutes, the Doctor was an absolute expert, and they put a little bandage over it.

I got to thinking.  Say a guy is out jogging and he is hit by car.  He has a spinal injury.  Time is of the essence.  A paramedic could us a DC based ex ray type scanner determine where the injury is and inject this corticosteroid to reduce the damaging and paralyzing effects of the inflammation. 

The Invention Needed: What he would also need to do this is something that I asked the Doctors assistant if they were going to use.  And that is a needle that has bands of a different anodized type color on it that tell how deep the needle is in someones back.  This would help the paramedic give the injection assuming standardized measurements could be made for people of different shapes, sizes and weights. 

This could be used in the field to prevent someone from becoming a paraplegic or quadriplegic.

One of the critical factors in giving this injection is that they get it in the right place.  They use an xray machine to help them place the needle before giving the injection in the hospital surgical room.

The assistant told me that he thought it was a 22 gauge needled when I asked him the diameter.

The procedure did not take long maybe 11 minutes but I see why it is so expensive: because if a negligent doctor or surgical group performed it that would raise the price of it for everyone.

It is dangerous but the risk of being in a wheel chair for the rest of your life.....

This technology could also be used in the military.  My father was a Combat Medic in WWII and Korea.  God bless him.

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PS.  My theory regarding inflammation is that it is caused by a part of your metabolism opportunistically visiting the site of pain.  And that the steroid kills that (organism or endogenous microbe?)

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  1. They do not tell you that because it is a hormone that it might affect your mood.

    Also if the gal wiping your back clean with the alcohol swab has Pink Eye, just tell her that maybe she should not be there today?