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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado has long been the Mecca for the rich spoiled kids

Colorado has long been the Mecca for the rich spoiled kids to move to because it has slack rules or defacto legalization of Marijuana.  They go to Colorado becuase they have always been able to afford and support their false reward system.

This does not surprise me at all.  And if you think this is bad you can never imagine what would happen if they legalized Marijuana in the entire country.

This was indeed my motivation for writing the song "Journey to Colorado" on my "Plantation Songs by Thomas Paul Murphy"  CD.

It is track number 3     "I'm on a Journey to Colorado"

at the link below.

The story of James Holmes does not surprise me at all.  I think what happens in the case of straight A students after college is that they find out something about them is missing or that their goals are no longer consistent with their personality.  Some of these types often find out that they were not really as smart as they thought they were.  Gunning down a movie theater full of people isn't a smart thing to do when you think about how you will be spending the rest of you life.  So you have to ask yourself with regard to James Holmes;  what part of his personality changed?  And ultimately who was new in his life that negatively influenced him or who was the positive influence in his life that was no longer present.  It doesn't do society any good to not try and explain actions like this.  It also does us no good to not take into account any and all relevant information.  He had a change of spirit so maybe we need to think of his plight from a spiritual perspective and all relevant and ignored terms from the Bible with regard to the Spirit or soul of a person.
What happens when an individual such as James Holmes finds out that his reward system is no longer valid?

These are just my humble thoughts and I am influenced by the intrusive souls of many real life people.

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