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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Worship of the Blessed One 07 03 2012

The Worship of the Blessed One

The Jews figured out that if the blessed one is blessed than everyone who hears the blessed one are blessed because they do?  Therefore they are blessed ones too.  It appears that this is the common thread of miss-belief present in all religion.

So if someone is blessed does that mean you have the right to harass them?  Your rational being if they are blessed you cannot hurt them?  If you do you are no longer blessed ones.  Why not?  Because you are trying to be someone else!  Then you are no longer blessed because you are not acting like the blessed one. 

The blessed ones never seek to be the blessed ones; they just are, and they are because of their nature.  So the more you try to be the blessed one the less blessed you become.  And what is the opposite of being blessed?  Cursed! 

To worship a blessed one is indeed the worship of false idols; and God forbade this.  To worship any human being on earth or in its history is also the worship of false idols.

And if Jesus was in his father’s temple was he in their quietly helping and reaching out his finger as in the painting on ceiling of the Cisteen chapel or was he trying to thwart every action of his father?  What am I getting at?  Even Jesus Christ is a false idol because he drank wine.  A true God would never offer poison to his enemies to drink in everlasting ceremony throughout history.

We are all Jews everyone of us and as Jesus told us we are indeed each our own Gods.

Countermeasure:  If a strange Lilith woman is raising her sons to see through your eyes through demonic possession and ruining everything you do and all your goals in life; make sure that they are peering through the crystal ball of your eyes they get to see your morning erection every day in their witchcraft world of demonic possession and they will all turn gay?  They are looking at it anyway; why not try to make them get on with their own lives by taunting them to leave you with this thought?  The fact is that you do not even have to think those thoughts and it is what they are going to become from how they are being raised.  (The Dead Sea Scrolls explain in no uncertain terms how a group of people can see through the eyes of one of their village.) And after they are gay they can go live in Israel.  Our Bible and religion abhorred homosexuality because the God of the Bible knew how they were created and what they did.  Bottom line you have no right to steal the souls and eyes of other people.  The more you try and cheat in life the more miserable your life becomes.  I believe it is possible for one to wean themselves from the eyes of one whom they have demonized in order to become an independent and responsible person.  But you have to try to be yourself and not that other person.  You must let that other person be free from your demonic possession and then you too will be free of being Satan.  I believe that perhaps all of us are born with some residual soul of an adult present within us and that those of us who do not grow up to become satanic found a way to separate themselves from that soul.  The Satanic believe that God or the persons eyes whom they have demonized and stolen should provide them everything in life.  Hence the terminology, “He died for our sins.”  Your sins are never forgiven.  You need to learn to live with the sins you committed as a pain in your soul so that you know to never sin again.  Your sins are never forgiven!  Anyone who would tell you this is trying to abdicate a reason for you to put more money in the hat basket that is being passed on the end of a pole.  (Jesus knew where the fish were.  Those who lived on after they crucified him needed a fish basket to collect money with in order to survive; it was a matter of integrity and virtue.  As I stated the blessed ones are blessed because they do not seek to be blessed.  (By strict definition they do not seek to be evil either.)

To judge someone in demonization after they see through your eyes is another favorite type of harassment of the Satanic.  It is like a turtle is making its way through life and you have to find it in the nature of your heart to kick it.

The blessed ones that do not truly worship a blessed one are indeed the opposite; Satanic.  And what does it mean to worship a blessed one?  All it really has to mean is that you respect their rights in fairness as you should any human being.

The problem with the worshipping of a blessed one is that those who are subject to a blessed one become insanely jealous of the eyes they have stolen and revert to demonizing the blessed ones.  Hence Jesus the good man dies on the cross and Satan reigns supreme for well over ~2000 years.

Backtracking:  I have nothing against homosexuals other than the way that they are created and I would not trust one with a son of mine if I had one;  I would not trust a nun or Catholic Priest with them either.  Where do all the child molesters come from?  They come from the evil that was raised to see through the eyes of the archetype of an “Exiled Priest.”  In the countermeasure I gave above it is these people in our world that through hatred of self; molest others.  It can be considered apparent knowledge that people who do this type of crime live a life of frustrated existence; is this is their spoiled and desperate attempt to want to be or control what they cannot be.   

I can hear what the Satanic are saying in defense.  The same thing that they said about Jesus Christ; that he was a sorcerer because he gave an absent headed woman a terrible dream.  He didn’t do this at all that Lilith archetypal woman was an idle minded strange woman they likely brought back as a war bounty wife.  Not only that she was also the archetype of a woman from a village life in the Dead Sea Scrolls who was taught to see through the eyes of another human being.  We are judged and demonized by those who cannot compete with us and are insanely jealous of us.  Why?  They were not raised in what we would know to be a traditional type of family with a loving father and mother who wanted to take the personal time and effort to teach them to be good and skilled people.  Procula and the San Hedrin Jews who murdered Jesus Christ were indeed the sorcerers.  Why else do you say in fear, “He knows what we do?” as motive you use when deciding to crucify someone.  You were doing something bad weren’t you!  And the Bible does indeed document many bad things people did in those Biblical times.  (I am always responding to the naysayer who is trying to defend the evil and feeble minded.)

“He knows what we do?”  Can you imagine a group of people who thought they had the right to get away with anything that they wanted to and not be accountable for their action’s.  Along comes a person who is righteous and good and sees their actions and their results and has something to say about it?  They would have to get back at him right?  Hence Jesus on the cross.

It would seem that the goal of the Satanic is demonize a human being to hate themselves like the Satanic do themselves.  What they never realize is that there is no way to escape hating yourself when you are raised in a household that demonizes others, no matter what you do you will never be happy because you are making a comparison to something you should have strived to be independent from a long time ago.  And the more you demonize the more dependent minded you become in life.

Backtracking:  I get along very well with most Jews and respect them.  I mention them because they are the religion mentioned in the Bible and that is where the basis of religion resides.  When I use the term Satan it applies more to the general population than the Jewish population.  There are indeed Jews who suffer from true schizophrenia so I proved to myself that not all Jews are bad.  And if not all are bad it means that most aren’t.  The construct of being a dependent minded person who demonizes others and has them labeled schizophrenics and zombified is indeed highly prevalent in our modern world in all races, religions, creeds and secret societies.  It is used as a ladder to wealth creation.

There are many Christians that believe to worship Christ means to demonize people as Christ was demonized.  This is not the way of Christ.  It is the opposite of the way of Christ and hence Satanic.

When the Catholic Church forgives people for sins by letting them offer a donation of MONEY, when the Catholic Church allows groups to speak in tongues, when the Catholic Church hides the activity of child molesters that is not a Church of Jesus Christ;  that is a fraudulent religion and one that causes much damage to our world.  It is a religion that believes the money controls and should.  Jesus called money the root of all evil, do you see why?  Ps.  I got more hits than at any other time when I wrote just one sentence as a blog article, just asking the question,  “What religion is Sandusky of.”  Don’t know what to read into that.  (Yes I do, but I won’t write it out of fear for my life.)

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