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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What the Highest Paid Experts in this Country have to say about James Holmes 07 26 2012

What the Highest Paid Experts in this Country have to say about James Holmes 07 26 2012

How many people in this country are paid salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and are psychiatrists, psychologists and professors at major and minor Universities and none of them can ever explain a James Holmes!!!  They are paid all that money and not one of them can step forward and accurately explain a James Holmes!

Tell me what right does anyone have in this world to diagnose and judge someone if there is not one single person in the relevant professions that can explain James Holmes! 

To understand a James Holmes you have to understand the evil strain in our society that has existed throughout world history.  And to understand this evil strain you have to understand how the esscenes (Can’t spell it right and don’t care) of an ancient sect of the Jewish Religion raised their children.  They raised their children by have an evil master be responsible for them.  The evil master was juxtaposed against what was termed an exiled priest.  What is an exiled priest?  Do understand this you have to think in terms of duplicity of semantics.  An exiled priest is really someone who is a prisoner that they are demonizing and torturing to death!  Now if you follow this evil strain throughout history, and it never disappeared, you come to the great castles all across Europe and some in Asia too.  Now what religion is every castle of?  Castles were mannered by Kings and they had dungeons.  When someone has a dungeon they indeed have their own king’s religion!  And that is indeed the nature of the Satanic in the world.  Today they are no longer allowed to have dungeons but they have something very different that they use to demonize people and this is indeed what is termed non-lethal weapons.  They can speak to people in their heads and influence them to do great acts of horror.

What have the modern arts and sciences never studied?  We have never heard or seen of any text papers that deal with the psychology of someone who was raised in a family that had a dungeon and tortured people in it!!!!!!!!!!!   No one has ever been involuntarily committed to a mental institution because they do not have their own soul!!  And that is indeed the psychology of someone who was raised in a neighborhood or family were they kept a dungeon!!!  What on earth would a little girl grow up to be if she was raised in a family that kept a person in a dungeon?  I will just say that she would not  be like my mother!  What would a boy grow up to be if he was raised in the occult that demonized people for their souls?  He would never grow up to be a man!  He would end up being something far different; he would have the temperament of an evil woman. 

So you have an evil woman a female sitting at the top of a dungeon and harassing a person to death by talking to them and prodding them.  If any soul of that man is ever disseminated into this world it is not going to conceive a man anymore; it is going to conceive something that is very sick and less than human!  Why?  Because that soul disseminated was corrupted by the evil female that was Holy Grailing!  And that is indeed where homosexuals come from!  There is really no other way to get the soul of a man in the body of a woman or the soul of an evil woman in the body of a man.  (The Romans were known to be farmers and hence breeders.  And the Egyptians were breeders too.)

So who or what is James Holmes?  It is very simple.  He is either the son of the satanic who demonize people for their souls or he is a victim of the Satanic who demonize people for their souls.

Now who exactly are the satanic in our world today?  They are those who went to the Ivy League schools and did not want to come forward and try and truthfully explain a James Holmes.  If you want to know the truth any and all false explanations that they give can be quickly poked full of holes by someone like me.  Why do I say that they are Ivy League?  Because Ivy League students are the sons and daughters of the wealthy who were neglected when they were children as their soulless parents were on a quest for money and to be seen as the elite.  These children are never taught to be independent and try new things for themselves. What happens to them?  They develop idle minds and bully other children who were raised by loving parents- this was the middle class.  These males and females haze other people for their souls all their lives.  They think nothing of it.  People die in Ivy League colleges as they are hazed for their souls.  People who are hazed for their souls are often diagnosed as schizophrenic.  But there is really no such thing, what a “schizophrenic” really is- is someone who has had their soul hazed from the.  The Satanic are very clever and that is why they never get caught.  They chose to haze people for their souls just when they are graduating from college or finding a job away from home in the business world. 

When a person’s soul is hazed from them the Satanic see that persons past present and future.  Souls are timeless like the energy of the Universe.  Do you want to know why the United States is no longer the productive, full employment, manufacturing based economy it once was?  It is because all the wealthy had to do to earn money was haze someone from their soul and then cover up the crime by medicating them into a Vondoon Zombie!  Have you ever heard someone on psychiatric medicine accurately be able to express themselves?

I am not saying that James Holmes, top in his class in neuroscience, was demonized for his soul by the Satanic, because I have never met him.  If you do not believe me you need to read your Bible in terms of this.  Just listen to the mocking narrator’s voice of a woman in the Parable of the Talents.  The Bible was written as a template and guide by the satanic on how to demonize people, “little lambs”, for their souls and get away with it.  I could give you reference after reference that is exactly as valid as this one is but the satanic who stole my soul are dunning me for it right now- they do not want you to know this.  It was about 12 years ago that I had a wireless internet password that was 256 characters long broken and my computer corrupted.

It may seem a bit paranoid but when Jesus Christ told you to believe in him and not even trust your family members he was implying that the satanic were all around you.  What you need to know about the Satanic who steal your souls is that they often like to experience life vicariously through you.  Where ever you go they go with you.  The Dead Sea Scrolls even alluded to how the woman of a village all saw through the eyes of one woman in the village, but that is another story.  But my point is that the Satanic who see through your eyes indeed know how to influence the people you encounter in your life via the negative influence of their own disembodied soul that is present.  The moral of this paragraph is to not get mad at those in your family or those that you love because if the Satanic are with you they like to screw things up.  And if you are a James Holmes and find yourself being influenced by horrific thoughts and ideas just maybe say to yourself, “What if these zealous things I am thinking are not my thoughts but those of members of my school of thought who want me to hate myself.  And how could they get me to hate myself?  They could get me to hate myself by brainwashing me to commit a crime.”

Now let me just ask you this much.  Say that I am right in that last hypothetical paragraph.

1.        James Holmes- had soulless (satanic, dependent minded, etc ways of describing them) that were part of his thinking or school of thought.

2.       He was a complete genius and the dependent minded learned much from him while they were thinking with him.

3.       They no longer wanted to be with him in his school of thought.  (But they were not able to haze him from his soul.)

4.       They created thoughts of ideation in his mind and he acted upon them without even knowing they were not his ideas.

5.       Does James Holmes then have a partially valid defense….wait wait wait, assuming all this is true.  Don’t you ever try and say that I am an advocate of killing and murder!!!!

Even the Queen of England is quoted as saying that she loves it when things go wrong.

I once heard President Reagan say that he consulted a fortune teller with regard to Presidential policy.  Okay let me be very clear about this, “A man would never do this!”

Kennedy had no use for the Ivy League colleges.  One of the Kennedy Presidents even had the body of a mafia leader parachute dropped in the jungle.  They were both assassinated.  Can you figure out why?  Both the Ivy League and the Mafia are feeble minded!  Remedy, Remedy…Okay let’s Ivy League raised on money, unashamedly chanting rape chants.  Yeah I think that if I had a college aged daughter I would keep her at home, if even that was still safe, rather than sending her away to, “Learn for herself.”  Mafia not really being able to do their own work and that is indeed why they are criminal.  There should be no professional sports in college.  There should be absolutely no pay for schools in this country.  College should be based on grades and not athletics.  Those who act satanically, bully and haze all throughout their lives should be evicted from this country.  They should really have no problem with this because their skills are so great that they would readily be highly appreciated in whatever country they went to.  If you are falling over laughing you are starting to get the picture.  Molesting boys is not the divinely inspired act of any priest of any religion as their actions are said to be, so we can really consider them to be a business and not one that we need in this country.  Those churches can be places were the community can gather for a song.  And maybe even a discussion where everyone is respected.  And maybe in the future if the Satanic to take the podium they should openly admit it first so we know where they are coming from.

The Russians hated democracy because of the Freedom.  They indeed did practice a form of Eugenics with regard to their Olympic Athletes.  And if you ever followed me out in public you would see Russians demonizing me.  I indeed said this very exact prayer two weeks before Ronald Reagan said these words publicly, “Get up on that podium and tell Gorbechov, tear down that wall.”  The rest is history.  But with regard to Russians I feel a lot of them have the satanic gene.  Why?  Because there was a great Genocide in Russia by Stalin.  Who survives from a genocide?  Those who loot the murdered for their gold teeth and money.  (Same with Germany and the rise of pharma chem.)  Maybe that wall should have stayed up.  But I would have never known of the true nature of a Russian if it didn’t come down.  The point is that easy money breeds the feeble sick minded satanic who must dun others for their souls in order to gain the spotlight of the public eye.  I bring up the Russians because I know that they have a lot of this sicko technology (its called Psychotronics) from their Eugenics efforts.

Both Barrack Obama and the Russian who was selling a senator seat in Chicago were spawned when I was driven from my soul in Chicago in 1991-1993.  And non-lethal weaponry was used to do it.  Tesla was marketing a particle beam weapon in Europe before the end of WWII.  I believe that Russia has had one since then.  Russia beamed microwaves at the CIA in the early 70’s.  We have head of this technology being used in Syria.  Colonel John Alexander of the United States military indeed revealed that the United States military had developed synthetic telepathy in 1991.  Get a clue.  Have you ever heard the term army brat or officer brat?  My point is that we have troops pissing on the dead in the Middle East and we are supposed to trust the intention and integrity of the United States Military with regard to the use of technology that can drive people from their minds?  The United States Army, all the
priests of the Catholic Church, the ivy league of this country all need to be put to manual farm labor.  And you know what?  They would end up thanking us for requiring them to do this.

Yesterday I heard Romney say something on television that I knew was misleading and a lie with regard to Obama.  It just amazes me that those on television expect us to believe this!  Wait I remember now, Romney said that Obama should not have apologized for the horrific misconduct of the United States Military.  If Romney believes in this kind of a horror he is not a man and should not be President and nor should he be in the public eye in any capacity!  He should be working on an organic farm and planting corn seeds all day long.

Okay back to the diatribe.  Our highest paid experts cannot even tell us why they molested boys?  Let me see if you understand this.  The highest paid AUTHORITIES in this country cannot even give us an accurate psychological profile of why boys in the Catholic Church and also Penn State were molested.  Indeed Republican Senator Rob Johnson of Wisconsin said that we were not to even try to understand such people, that they were just deranged.  Asking questions that I am not supposed to ask has always been my nature. (I wrote a good pieced titled, “You can’t beat a Que” or something like that.  Do a search.)

If a woman cannot even cook should she be able to vote?  If a man lives off the stolen soul of a real man should he be allowed to vote?

Do you know how the world could end rather quickly?  A demonic son gets the higher paying management position of a nuclear reactor over a son who was hazed for his soul.  The demonic are never ever happy in life no matter what they do because they know that because they are Satanic and live off the souls of others that they have never and will never achieve anything for themselves.  They resort to alcohol and drugs and marijuana.  They have the money to buy it.  They love to demonize the children of the middle class by getting them hooked on drugs.  And they create a race of people that can no longer escape from being demonic and satanic.  Oxygen deprived cells from Alcohol might indeed be one of the causes of the Satanic and feeble minded.  The eighteenth amendment banned it.  And the eighteenth amendment came about in response to no-one being able to figure out what went wrong with the economy that caused the great depression.

PS I now wear an army style dog tag on my wrist whenever I go out in public because I know that the Satanic do indeed hate me exactly the same way the devil loathed Jesus Christ.  It is hidden inside a wrist strap some in the army use to keep their watch faces from being scratched.  But when I go out in public, me a mild mannered fellow, I see whose eye’s look at this wrist strap and the looks of resentment they have on their faces for my “living?”

And indeed James Holmes could be just the opposite of someone who was demonized.  He could be someone that lived off the demonized souls of others.  After all who else would develop and grow to have such a low regard for human life.

You can never prove something to someone who pretends like you are not proving it and indeed has a vested interest in you not proving it.  There is indeed a different mindset or psychology to someone who was raised in a family with a dungeon or modern equivalent. 

Oh by the way Romney boasted about how he was going to Poland.  I will never forget the story a polish girl told me in college.  About how she and her friends liked to tease the nicest little girl in class and do mean things to her.  I wasn’t impressed and never will be.  I have many stories of the Polish like this one but there are some things that my school of thought is very adamant that I do not get done!  As you can see I have broadened very much what I have been able to get done through perseverance or you would not be reading this.

Oh by the way, you will probably see them try and add the concept of school of thought to one they would like to use to diagnose someone as being mentally ill.   Can you yet tell me why James Holmes did what he did first?

I think that he is one of those two things.  You could ask the highest paid authorities in the world but they have yet to be able to explain anything.  But one thing I know is true about those highest paid experts-  THEY HATE EVERY WORD OF THIS!!!

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS it went, The Evil Master, The Kings Religion, to the Ivy League and Church Authorities.  I forgot to add the part of history about the Satanic not being able to compete unless they had  black slaves. Wake up.  No true word of God or a God would advocate Slavery!!!!! NEVER!!!! No Religous Authority would ever advocate SLAVERY!!!  No religous authority would ever advocate molesting boys and covering it up.  These are not divinely inspired actions.  And neither were the actions of James Holmes.  And also the part I usually like to add about how after WWII the horrific concept of split soul was legitimized.

Some of my sentences are hard to follow and paragraphs too.  I am well aware of this.  I have never picked up a book in my life where I did not find some grammatical error!  NEVER.  I do not proof read my own work becuase I will not teach the Satanic how to perfect scribings!

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  1. PS the highest paid experts go into hiding when these shootings happen. I should write an article about what it means in terms of responsibility to own a gun and why some people therefore abhore them and neither own them or beleive you should. But I can tell that some of you would rather rely on a fortune teller than profess your ability to think for yourself.