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Friday, July 20, 2012

The 21st of the Month Occult

There is an occult in this country that demonizes people for their souls around the 21st of every month. I do not know any more about it other than around the 18,19,20,21st of the month this occult demonizes people for their souls. If anyone has inside information into this occult or secret society you would be doing the world a great favor by exposing them. Watch yourself around the 21st of the month!

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PS 08 07 2012
Who was behind the mental Illness of James Holmes?

There is only one connection that I can make between the bad things that happen on the 21st of the month and the number 21.  And that is what is called the Table 21 in every Italian Restaurant where the owners sit.   That is the only link that I can make as to why those labeled schizophrenia and others are brainwashed heavily on the 21st of the month.  It also has a link to the house always having the odds on favorite in organized gambling in terms of black Jack being the winning number.  This occult believes that if it knocks a person over the head with an electromagnetic black jack that the odds are in its favor, there is much truth to this as the soulless can see the future.  There is also another link between the technology that is used to drive people from their minds and the Italian Fascist Marconi who learned how to modify many electromagnetic wave technologies.  Marconi went hand in hand with the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and no doubt the Genocide of Jews in Germany.  There are many who are bad and Jesus did indeed know why as you will read in my other article today.
All Italians who know of this and participate in this are guilty of racketeering and should have all their assets confiscated.  We would be much better off giving them a stipend than ever letting them have control over the fate and lives of human beings again.

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