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Friday, July 27, 2012

Pride and Joy 07 27 2012

 Pride and Joy 07 27 2012

 I saw a woman on television tell how she received $80,000. 00 a year for adopting a retarded child or taking care of one?

I started to wonder, how many women would poison their fetus in a scheme to receive $80,000.00 a year.

Then I thought about my father who was ushered to his death in the hospital.  He had congestive heart failure and was given shots of morphine to ease the pain while he died.  I did not agree with this as I had taken care of him for a very long time with my mother and knew that he was constipated.  In fact I argued with all the nurses and Doctors to the point that they looked so steamed at me; as if questioning them and their actions was grounds to have me arrested.  Finally after two weeks of me saying that his problem was constipation they gave him treatment for that and in bathroom talk terms he was very productive???  It came out and out and kept coming.  But it was too late.  How did I know he was constipated?  Because like I said we had taken to the hospital before and he had started to get sick before and after he had a bowel movement he was much better and recovered.  One time after he went the toilet clogged up.  I have a stick near the toilet for when this happens.  Actually it is the graphite shaft from an old arrow.  But as I moved the stool around I noticed that it was hard as a baseball.

I was overpowered by two other family members who had a right higher of power of attorney than I do.  In fact I am the black sheep of the family- the one that has been given the stigmatic diagnosis of something I know is not true.

But anyhow when I see a woman taking care of a retarded person and receiving $80k a year to do so I have to ask myself, “If you would not marry that person…why?” 

I mean use a lineup in reality television with a bunch of ladies and ask them would you marry that person?  What is my point?  My point is this.  My father was ushered to his death and this woman receives $80 k a year to take care of this retarded child who will never have a job and can never marry and take care of a child. 

What woman would want to have the offspring of something like that.  Be honest with yourself.

Why else do I not like the woman earning $80k a year to take care of a retarded child?  Because I know that there is a group of the Satanic occult who like to use retarded people to help split the minds of normal people.  It is a fun game for them.

Now I also know that there are some people who are dependent minded to others and lead normal lives.  But no one on earth should be dunned for their soul by a “mythical” mongoloid!

I don’t know exactly how a person like this is created.  Maybe it is an act of God.  Maybe the parent drank or smoked or was exposed to some chemical that has been proven safe only until it isn’t.

Let me be more clear.  I know there is no such thing as schizophrenia as the modern medical community wants everyone to believe that it is.  And because I know this I greatly resent someone who was conceived by likely irresponsible parents to earn $80 grand a year.  Also I do not believe a crack baby should be put up for adoption.  So what do we do with these people.  I tell you what you can do with them.  You can give them the same treatment that my father got in the hospital.  You can put them on long term medicines that eventually will make them constipated and then you can ease them out of this world with a Do Not Recessitate like they decided my father should have and give them morphine to ease their pain while they die.

Our government has failed us in every way in protecting us from chemicals and mal influences that create people that are a grade lower.  And quite to the contrary we can drink and smoke and marijuana has almost been legalized.  Why?  Because people pity themselves and others and need a form of escapism from reality.

The Republican Party has been preaching the kill social security campaign for quite some time.  I would be curious to know what you think of this.  A true Conservative would say that is money wasted?  And yet isn’t it Rick Santorum that has a child that has been diagnosed with a form of mental retardation or something like that?  I don't know if it is true or not or what the applicable rules regarding recieving this payment are.  But it would sure be a talking point if that is how a Replican candidate for President made his yearly salary.  It is more than the average American makes.  And I wouldn't get 1/7 that amount for putting up with the mind of a mythical mongoloid pestering me all day.

I am not saying that you can’t raise a child like that with your own money.  But I am saying that maybe you should not receive $80 grand a year.  Instead why don’t you take that child to the same great health care system we took my father to and see him gone in no time.  You Republicans have been against health care for all with every fiber of your being haven’t you.

I suppose that if we allowed people to give the compassionate treatment that they gave to my father to the mentally retarded that our society would broaden those limits right?  Would they broaden this compassionate treatment to include members of the school of thought of a person labeled schizophrenic?  Society has already gone in the exact opposite direction in the last 50 years by labeling the master of an imposed school of thought as being schizophrenic.  And indeed the satanic like to give the compassionate treatment to those who are the smartest in our society by giving them drugs designed in post Nazi Germany that will eventually lead to complications that will kill them.

So if you kill off all the good people like you are prone to do.  What are you left with?  A child that cannot keep its tongue in its mouth?

Yep you want to marry that one for the money don’t you?  Before you go into a restaurant it won’t matter to you that you have to use your thumb to stick its tongue back in its mouth.  There is a business opportunity right there for you, I mean that dry tongue sticking out of the mythical mongoloids mouth.  A little slop type drugstore compound you can take with you and a special applicator like a paint brush that you can use to keep that persons tongue lubricated.

This is one of the coldest things that I have ever written.  And the only reason that I wrote is to make a point about the greatest lie in the history of the world.

I actually believe that there is more going on in the head of a retarded person than most people would realize.  But my father was very intelligent and I loved him because of that.  I am told that people love their retarded children more than anything else.  I wonder on what basis they do?  A projection of self pity for themselves?

I honestly don’t know how I would feel if I married a woman that I loved and she had a retarded child.  I suppose I would hope the next one wasn’t.  I would pray to God the next one wasn’t and I would do everything possible in this world to eliminate the poisons that negatively influence genes.  And the latter part of that sentence is consistent with what I write concerning the environment.  Interesting enough the Republicans do not have a very good track record with regard to Conserving the Environment.  Ignorance is bliss isn’t it.  To live in a state of bliss where nothing anyone says to you matters and someone else can take the blame for all your problems?  Where does that take us to rather quickly?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a class of people who could sit at office desks all day and pretend that they are something that they are not?

Business Speak, “There might be a greater market for that tongue lubricating slop and brush than I initially thought.”  …Time lapse...   “We have been running into a working capital problem as we have not been able to keep up with demand.”

So you object on the basis that I am not being fair? On the basis that I am being obscene?  That I am heartless?  I have no problem understanding that and the validity of it; I have been making the exact accusation of you for quite some time and to no avail.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. Because this is so Right Wing I would think that you Republicans would make me your next candidate. How do I know that will never happen. Imagine that me a for the people Democrat writing something so Right Wing Conservative like????