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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What the ancient Hebrews learned with regard to Tithing 07 26 2012

The ancient Hebrews of the Essene religion, you know the ones I keep writing about who raised their children directly under the supervision of an evil master and indirectly by an exiled priest learned that if they did not tithe (collect taxes) and give them to that exiled priest (Could also read as living God) that he would likely get pissed off and they would get all heaped up.  The word holocaust does indeed mean offering to God.

I read the term exiled priest as meaning imprisoned priest, and that would seem to be the worst form of racism known to humans~ to demonize someone for their soul by taking them prisoner in that satanic evil form.  I have gone on record as saying that the Satanic who live on the souls of other people are indeed the worst racists on the planet earth.

So how did the Essenes get around this in the course of history.  Very simple, if you have your own dungeon that Exiled Priest was secured.  Sick ain't it.

I am not a racist and do really like and respect all people.  We are all indeed Jews, so this is not a Jewish non Jewish type issue.  It is also not a Jewish issue because Jews are victims of this too.

World history according to Thomas Paul Murphy; nothing better.

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PS I do not like writing any of this.  I sit down to write and the voice of an idiot like mongoloid starts up and ruins what good writings about nature that I would like to write.  Then with my mind disturbed from its natural professional relaxed work state,  I start on what I believe the cause of this to be.  It is not fair to me.  And if you accuse me of being a racist I am going to counter with every fiber of my life and being that you are the ones who are inciting it in the worst form of racism known to the human race.  My chosen career was in the Investing business and you did the best job that you ever could to screw that up.  My father taught me about the stock market and how to multiply and divide in my head, those are my skills and they belong to me not the useless bankers who failed our economy.  I have many skills that I should not have displaced from me like midnight in the life of a Cinderfella or like being taken by a dream storm to a place not like home.

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