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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter to Scott Walker 07 08 2012

Letter to Scott Walker 07 08 2012

We may not be able to force this younger generation from engaging in employment they feel is beneath them but one thing we can do is take away the reward they give themselves in public in lieu of personal achievement.

And it isn’t a reward at all it is a way of poisoning themselves.

Have you ever seen someone look at you and get nervous and then they have to light a cigarette?  Have you ever talked to someone and found that they are so nervous in talking that they need to light a cigarette?

What happens when I see this?
1. I feel sorry for them because it is a sure sign that they are ‘nervous’ (it really means scared.))

2.  I do not want to be anywhere near that second hand smoke because it leads to me having to get an antibiotic that the doctors do not want to prescribe because it was given to so many farm animals that it is no longer effective in humans?

My father said to me, no smoking and I respected that and never did start.

Smoking has no place in public.  Those who smoke do not respect the health rights of other human beings.  If they do not respect these rights what other rights do they not respect I ask myself.

The greatest benefit that you can give a person is to prevent them from smoking and be forced to learn to love themselves for their true selves; and develop that true self.  An honest days work does indeed help to develop an honest and true self.  Smoking and other forms of substance abuse erode a person from being their true selves and recognizing the good people that they truly are inside.

The problem I have with people who smoke in public is that they have an immunity to it whereas those of us who seek to keep our bodies healthy do not. 

If you want to think of it in primal terms smoking fields that have been burnt by wild fires caused by lightening  might be Gods way of telling us to stay away from an area of land or destroying a land of the wicked?  But that is the theme of a short story someone else can write.

What very few men are aware of is that even eating smoked fish can cause prostate cancer.

The bottom line is that if you take away a false reward you then provide people with the motivation to seek positive and true rewards.

People who smoke do not believe in themselves they believe in that cigarette or cigar.

The first line of the constitution states that it was created to provide for the General welfare of the American people.  What can be more in line that preventing people from using a known poison and cause of cancer.  We have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt and reproach. The founding fathers would stand up out of their graves and salute you!

Second hand smoke is just as dangerous as first hand.

Drinker punch cards, you can’t drink if you are under 40 and do not have a job.

Already banned out West!

Smoking should be banned in all public places including Wisconsin Casinos and even Hookah Bars.  You should not ever be allowed to smoke in your car because it provides you with the temptation to open your window and expose other people to the second hand smoke.  If a person wants to smoke in their house they must keep their windows closed and may not smoke if any people who do not live in that house are invited over or performing work.  Who would smoke in their house if they had children present?  What kind of a horror of a person would subject their children to this?  How many of these children go on to use other drugs and become junkies?  How many of them do not have to worry about money?  The cost of a pack of cigarettes is pretty high and yet people still chose to smoke.

There is another aspect to substance abuse too and it is those who abuse others and then reward themselves through substance abuse such as alcohol and tobacco.

I can tell you from my personal experience that a wealth of knowledge is lost due to drinking alcohol.  Why oxidative damage erases recent memories.  If you want to get a better educated workforce you have to ban smoking in public places and also put a limit on alcohol.  This would increase employment.  The Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader show pointed out how much knowledge one looses in life when they become an adult.  It can only be attributed to the false reward system.  A positive reward system would be, I helped raise my sons and daughters to be compete fairly and I am proud of their achievements.  A negative reward system is one where the average Joe sits in front of the television set and see’s professional athletes making millions and pulls the pin from the can of beer or lights the cancer wick.

Let me be clear about this, ALL personal problems are lessened by abstaining from the use of cigarettes.  And I know that some of you believe that I could not conceive of what your personal problem is, to you I would say that it applies DOUBLE so I will repeat it, but more encompassing, “All personal problems are lessened through the abstinence of substance abuse.”  Reduce and try and eliminate any of your bad habits and your life gets better!  Who on this earth does not want their life to get better?

Conservatism comes from the word conservative.  It means to reduce costs.  What better way for a Republican to be a true conservative than to reduce the cost to our health care system that is caused by smoking related diseases?

You drive through Milwaukee and you see blacks smoking on the streets.  We need to create a better standard of living for these people so that they do not feel that they need to abuse substances and use tobacco.  Banning smoking in public is an effective way to accomplish this.

Let’s make it personal.  You don’t want your son’s to smoke do you Scott?  If you think that your son’s should not smoke than your leadership as a father should also apply to the son’s and daughters of others right?  Now if you don’t want your sons to smoke you also do not want them to have smoke blown in their faces because that is essentially the same thing as them smoking themselves.  And if you do not want smoke to be blown in their faces then you are also against smoking in public.

Wisconsin should be the poster state for the perfect environment not California.  We should ban smoking in public per the edicts contained in this letter.

Do you know what I think when I notice someone smoking in public near me?  I think that person is trying to give me their problem life.  I don’t need it and neither does Wisconsin.  I don’t need even a hint of it.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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