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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inventions Needed Beach Blanket

Inventions Needed Beach Blanket with weighted corners

Have you ever gone to the beach and had the wind blow the corners of your beach blanket up before you could lay down on it.  It is like the scene from a slap stick comedy isn’t it. 
What you need is a beach blanket that was bean bag “type” weights sewn into the corners.  About ½ once per corner would do it?  Also all beach blankets should be at least 8 feet long so that you can stand up without sand sticking to it.  Our modern day beach blankets were not designed by men or for men.  They are like the modern day bathtub!!!
Also a beach blanket should be about 3 feet wide so that you hot date gal has no option other than to nestle up to your side.  You then don’t have to think up any seaway in order to rub the sun tan oil on her.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS there is nothing wrong with sewing.  You may need to use it to emergency stitch up a son or daughter and there is nothing womanly about seeing that your child does not bleed to death.  My late father, Ambrose Thomas Murphy, was a Combat Medic.  Happy Fourth of July.

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