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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Method to Treat Pain 07 05 2012

Method to Treat Pain
Do you have pain in your joints and limbs?  Have you been to the Doctor six times or more for this problem to no avail?

Here is what I finally resorted to.  Where ever that pain is on your body talk to it. And do so very sternly.  Here is what you might say, “Whatever is that is squirming under my skin, DIE!”  And just keep repeating that while you are talking to that pain.  What you will find out is that you will be able to think those words before the pain signal gets to your brain!  In effect you will be short circuiting the pain signal.  And if you do not like my pain dialog make up your own.  Something like, “Pain leave my body,” might be more how you would properly say it.  Or you might say it like, “Pain you’re not welcome here, get!”

I like my, “Whatever is that is squirming under my skin, DIE!” 
But only direct this at the spot of pain in your body and never at another person!!! Because when you curse another person you curse yourself and the rest of us along with it.  There is nothing wrong with driving out demons from your body! That is what Jesus Christ did.  It is also one of the complaints the Sanhedrin had against him when they voted to kill him,  ~ "He is healing the sick on the Sabath!"  (That point right there I could expound on but that is all the time I have for now)

You might also say this to any spider type veins on your legs.

And if you go to the neighborhood ethic grocery store and you find that the woman or women that is always crowing about you is crowing more intensely you might be on to something.

Tell me this who would ever write a story that justifies and makes it seem oh so proper that a good man is nailed to a cross.  And then placate PRACTITIONERS by saying that it was okay for a JEW to die for the rest of us?  Put two and two together with the phrase that our bodies are promised to be restored for us and you get an idea of who wrote the Bible?  The Bible and all the doctrines we are taught regarding the Death of Jesus Christ was formulated by evil women and evil women’s witch boys.  I have already told you in a prior article that there is no doubt in my mind that parts of the Bible Narrative were from the narrorator's voice of a WOMAN!!!!

So who would promulgate such a horror?  An ugly woman who broke Gods law of not to eat from the flesh with the life blood still in it?  That is all she had to offer to get a man?  Did that make her one of the Strange women that the Bible spoke of that they had to do away with?

When you hear a different woman voice as if the guard is being regularly changed you know that the Bible is indeed being used as a false façade by the evil of this world in the name of wealth creation.  How is this evil Lilith Archetype of a woman restoring her doting female husbands life back to health?  She is chanting to a human being with her coven and making them hear voices in their heads.  This drains them of life and soul.
I heard Cardinal Timothy Dolan say that he would “Kill for this” at a televised mass at Holy Hill this year as he rubbed his hands together and put on his best bully boy face.  Timothy you get in an official boxing ring with me today because I got something to give you and it has been squirming under my skin.
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PS my sixth grade Catholic School teacher who was a nun hinted that some people need a scapegoat in order to live and get ahead in life.  We read a book or story called "The Lottery" where all the people of the Village decided who would be stoned in sacrifice.  But there was more to it.

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