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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Long Term Goals of the Republican Party

The Long Term Goals of the Republican Party 07 13 2012
The Republican Party needs to tell us what there long range plan for the country is or would be.  They also need to tell us what it has been; since they have exerted control over the House and Senate for a long long time.
They are pro business.  That means they are pro-corporate America.  That is indeed one of the favorite questions a corporate HR person asks you in an interview, “What are your long range goals?”
So why can’t the Republican Party answer it?  And depending on their answer why have they not helped achieve it already?  If it has been a positive long term goal you would think that they would have achieved given their power to stonewall the political process.
I will touch on the heart of the issue; those who have gained knowledge through distracting others do not have the ability to synthesize.  Synthesis is indeed the pinnacle of analysis.  It can be described like this, “I see stepping stones that cross the river and I know by looking at the pattern and mass of the stones that I can make it.” What happens next, “I confidently state that it can be done.” A person who thinks this way bases that thought on real life experience with the physical world.  Contrast this to a person who just sits and watches television and believes themselves to be able to do everything they see done on television if they were to start immediately.  There is a difference in the thought process between monkey see and monkey confidently does and monkey see and monkey fails to do and dies in the process.
Contrast the former to the dependent minded “Insultlect” who watches the water flow by endlessly and see’s no reason to develop ambition in life because they have always had money and never had to work and deal with difficult people that do not like or respect them.  Whoops I am not being fair.  We can also contrast synthesis to difficult people who will never have to work because they have all the money they ever need so their ambition is demonizing people for their souls and money.  They never have gotten caught!  They can talk the talk but they cannot think the new thought.   Although they want everybody to believe that they can think the new thought; the one that they stole from what the Bible obliquely refers to as a living God.
And that living God likes it when they get in trouble for doing this and the relevant phrase from the Bible is poetic, ~”~Who is it who has done all these things in my name?  (~and gotten in trouble~) for I never knew you!!!”
It is kind of like, “I wanted to go out in my kayak!” said St. Francis.  “But I couldn’t because I was too busy because the boy Roger was following me everywhere and wouldn’t let me alone.” “I didn’t tell Ebert, who has also been following me everywhere like a lost little fatherless lamb, to go out in a Kayak and accidentally drown!” 
What you will never know is that there were and are a whole group of mothers who say, “Bother St. Francis, over there, like he is your soul father.”
If someone had time they could trace history in terms of who the dependent minded were dependent to.   Artists with tormented souls ~ tormented by the feeble minded soulless.  What would be interesting to know is how they shift from one to the next as one dies.  “Who is Elohim?” “We must never say his name.”  This Jewish stuff only comes up because they are part of my school of thought- so their references are listed.  That is the only reason I am a good reference for them. 
Both facetious humor and hidden Bible sarcasm is present in the phrase, “God’s favorite children,” ~funny from either point of view.
When I use the term Jew do not think of it as being Jews, think of it as being every human being.  Here is the logic from the Bible with regard to this.
1.       Adam and Eve were the first humans.
2.       Adam and Eve were Jews.
3.       Therefore if you are a human you are a Jew.
The Bible is indeed the best source of human nature and psychology in the world and it is very unfortunate that it did not just use the term humans instead of Jews.
I am not a racist.  But I know that souls are indeed stolen by those from every religion and that it is the greatest form of racism known to the human race.
In the modern history of the United States the Republicans are indeed the baseless pontificators and the Democrats the whining and weak ineffectual who do not know how to respond to a baseless pontificate.
If you think that I like writing this stuff you are crazy.  I will never forget what one woman who made a mysterious appearance at the Milwaukee Writers workshop novel group wanted to know more than ever, “At what time of the day do you usually write.”  What am I getting at?  If my soul was free of this influence I would be writing beautiful novels about the environment.  The soulless hate it when I write that stuff and actively deny me from doing so but love it when I write this self incriminated and self discrediting articles.
So what are your long range goals they asked me and interesting enough they did not help me achieve them, in fact to the contrary they ruined them.  I would like for the Republican Party to answer that question with regard to, “What are your long range goals with regard to the United States.  And if you could please provide historical documentation with regard to what they have been when you took office and what actions you took with regard to achieving them.”  And in all due respect it should amount to more than consulting with your fortune teller.  It should be a more credible answer than that? Right?

I mean did you intend for us to be 26th in the world in terms of the quality of health care.  Did you mean for us to be at war in the middle east.  Did you mean for gas to be over $3 per gallon. Did you mean for us to have an immigrant and drug problem.  Did you mean for our standard of living to be decreasing?  Did you mean for crime to be on the increase?  Did you mean for education to be faltering to low status on the world totem pole of all countries? Did you mean for our cars to get so low mileage per gallon? Did you mean to pollute our environment?  Did you mean for all sorts of new diseases to be created?  Did you mean for us not having the integrity to lead the rest of the world through progressive actions and innovation at home?  Did you mean for all the blue collar working mans jobs to go to China?  Did you mean for people to be able to legally buy and abuse substances we know cause cancer?  Did you mean for the middle class to be eroded?  Did you mean to steal the American Dream!!! Did you state your intention as being one of cutting taxes for the rich because they have lives of hardship and suffering?  You're pitiful!

Copyright 2012  Thomas Paul Murphy
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