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Monday, July 30, 2012

Who remembers what they did to our captured boys in Viet Nam

Who remembers what they did to our captured boys in Viet Nam?  It was something a lot like this.
Yes I am a prisoner of the United States of America.  I agree to recite your statement and sign it as I am being videotaped on camera doing so.
I am not under duress when I make these comments.
That males who bend other males over barrels are men too.   And that I am not to judge them as being otherwise.  And that I am doing this under my own accord and not under duress in any form.
I also agree that homosexual men do not seek out younger men (of soldier age and below) in the same manner that men find younger women to be beautiful.
An American citizen, a young man, getting in a chair in a shell shocked daze of fear reciting what is written on paper for fear of further hazings and beatings.  That sounds exactly like what the English  Essenes of the Investment Community did to me in 1991-1993 in Milwaukee and Chicago when I lived there alone.  You can put a red hot iron to my temple again if you don’t believe me!
Anyone remember what the communist in Viet Nam made U.S. Soldiers do after torturing them?  McCain, whoever you are now, do you remember?
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