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Friday, July 13, 2012

Database of those who have committed crimes in professional sports,

Database of those who have committed crimes in professional sports, college sports and all sports.

In light of the current Joe Paterno scandal; we need to create a database of all of those who have committed crimes and played professional, college, and frankly all sports.

We are seeing a pattern develop here and it needs to be analyzed and studied.

This group exerts a powerful influence on our society through the money they receive in their salaries and how they are idolized.  With that kind of patronage we need to be more strict with regard to what kind of behavior we should tolerate from a professional athlete.

I would think that we would view those involved in this scandal just as we do the national sex offender registry- be honest,you don't want neither a child molestor or one who promotes child molesting one living next door to you!

It should be a one guilty strike and you are out! - of professional sports.  Idolizing symbols of crime is not up to the standard of the United States of America.  Honest Americans were taught to play fair and by the rules- this is a great insult to us.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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