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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guns Again 07 26 2012

If you can't responsibly own a gun you should not be part of our country.  Nothing teaches responsibility home life and work life business decisions better than owning a gun.  Why?  Because form transformational learning a person who owns a gun takes greater responsibility for every decision they make in life.  There are safety rules one should learn before or immediately after owning a gun.  And again if a person is not comfortable complying with such rules maybe they should not be in this country.  Why not guns and the responsibility they teach are a great part of this country and our constitution.  We would not be the land of the free if we had not owned guns.  Were getting to the point where we are no  longer the land of the free because of people who would project their inability to own a gun on the rest of us.

James Holmes could have blown up that movie theater and three others if he were not allowed to own a gun.  Somehow he figured out how to make bombs too.  I often think that our solders in the middle east would have been better off if it was not a crime to learn the dangers of bombs.  Your gasoline car engine can turn into a bomb in a hurry as well as your gas tank if you are smoking pot and drilling into it.  (I am going to name names, you already know who you all are.)

The discussion about guns once again takes the focus away from the real issue!!!!!

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Originally published on 07 26 2012

And another thing he is just out of college and does not have a job.  Where does he get the money to buy these guns?  Is he one of these college kids who got debt relief from Obama?  I worked at a automobile Service Station to put myself through college and I greatly resent those who run up the college debt and then put the bill on us.

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