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Monday, July 30, 2012

Let Iran have the Nuclear Weapon 07 30 2012

Let Iran have the Nuclear Weapon 07 30 2012

It is highly unlikely that IRAN would put its people at risk from the radioactive fallout of a Mushroom Cloud naturally headed from West to East.
The greatest thing in the world would be a Nuclear Stalemate between a country that executes Child Molesters and one that has newly billed itself as the vacation capital of the world for “men” who like to bend other “men” over barrels.
And for those in the United States who believe that we are just supporting Israel in backing them with a war with IRAN, ask yourself if you would really want your good son to be sent over there for that cause.
I am one American who believes you’re not going over there to that theater of duty anymore.
First Obama thinks all day and comes out in favor of homosexual marriage.  Then Israel declares itself as the homo vacation land of the world.  Then Romney goes there and they give him the Dark Night podium (look at the pictures.)
Men don’t advocate other men bending men over barrels.  If you want to do that you can call yourself a woman as you have a woman’s soul.  But there is no lady in the entire world who will want you in the same locker room as her!
So here is how the IRAN war plays out.  America sends troops to be stationed in the homo capital of the world.  After U.S. soldiers have their souls shell shocked form them they somehow determine they have been homo’s all their lives.  Meanwhile for some reason you will see the creation of tough and mean faced local women over there immediately look happy and reinvigorated as the man soul of your son’s are shocked from them.
All the while Israel Sharone saunters about like he has the hips of a woman.
Wake up America.
Israel is unlikely to nuclear bomb IRAN as it would indeed risk nuclear fallout to Israel and more namely RUSSIA and China.  If Israel were to launch just one nuclear weapon headed west it would be history for that very reason.
I’m just asking, I’m just asking, would the commitment of the United States to WWII been as great if those solders knew that later on in history Israel would bill itself as the best country for Homosexuals.????  I am just asking.  And you can not lie to yourself about what the answer is to that.
Very ironic that Romney who shaved the head of a homo is now finding Israel, the country that has declared itself to be the best place for homos, is giving him the podium?  People just do not change like he would like you to believe.
I have a firm belief that soldiers experience trauma or shock induced loss of soul followed readily by demonic possession.  And somehow, somewhere in the world is a woman, who looks like she has spent a life time cursing that instantly feels better about herself when this happens.  She had to have had a transgendered or tainted soul to begin with?
I respect Homosexuals as people and their rights as people because I know that that is one way in which they are created. 
And all these types of people hate me already because I have never advocated violence against them.  I am a peaceful person who knows he is a good person.  I may never amount to much in my life but God knows that I could have.  Exposing reality is not enticing violence.  When confronting those whom do not like you and oppress you use the Martin Luther King approach to it.
If you stand back and look at this one clearly you see that the snakes from every country in the world are going to be switching sides and opinions.  Something like the best laid plans of mice and men or always believe that the enemy is prepared for your first attack and it will never work, or just plain old War is Hell so why start one?  This does not look good.
My father told me how when he was on leave in WWII in France.  He had to share a room with a man after seeing a show or something.  My dad woke up and the homo was making a rub your leg pass at him.  He got out of their quickly.  It is too bad we can’t get Romney, etc, etc, etc. out of our lives. 

And one more point regarding homosexuals.  Do homosexuals find younger men of military age and younger attractive just like men find younger women more attractive because they are more beautiful.   Then ask yourself where does someone like that draw the line when it comes to this as they have already transgressed societal norms?  Then look at Sandusky and Paterno and ask yourself is that the kind of America you believe in? What do you say to your son when he goes off to war gungho for what the Republican Party has sold him, "Make sure you look pretty for all the rich Israeli men, dear.   Maybe you will even bring one home with you and marry him?"

Or how about, "Son you might meet a nice fellow like Jeffrey Dahmner over there?"

Black mamma would tell her child not to go with one.

Wake up America.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy


  1. PS those they just like to sleep with little boys and don't really do anything else with him. To believe otherwise is a common misconception that was disproved a long time ago.???????????

  2. Wait a minute, wait a minute. With the Pentagon confirming 19,000 sexual assualts in our military a year I never thought to consider that the Israeli's might not want those Pride and Joy New American Boys Fraternizing with their son's amd daughters? Goodness me.