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Friday, July 27, 2012

Death Penalty Sentencing by Police Officers 07 27 2012

Death Penalty Sentencing by Police Officers 07 27 2012
We already have the immediate Death Penalty in every state in this country and we rightfully entrust this responsibility to Police Officers in the line of duty.

Police Officers see it every day; who got freed and who got off.  You know what I would like to see?  When a criminal goes to trial I would like every Police Officer involved in the case say how they would sentence the criminal.  If they thought "he" should be executed I believe the jury and judge have the right to know that.

This might help keep the Police sane and straight.  It would also keep repeat criminals from repeating crimes.  It would keep them sane because when they see the horror scene's and hear victims testimonies it would be their way of saying how they feel this kind of a person negatively influences society.

What am I getting at?

There ought to be a way to categorize what evidence is irrefutable and what evidence is not and still results in a conviction by jury.  For example a criminal is caught in the act with the murder weapon and it is videotaped and that person has not been switched to be a different person.  That is towards the extreme of 100% proof; but I suppose there would be means to even defeat that.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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