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Monday, July 16, 2012

Scientology and Tom Cruise 0716 2012

Scientology that sounds like Science and Theology or Science and Technology as a religion to me.

What should science ever have to do with the practice of religion.  My mother told me that Tom Cruise could not even read his lines but someone Scientology helped him? 

I remember reading about Scientology once.  I think I do remember that they said there was some device involved.

So where did Tom Cruise really get his skills from.

There is a passage in the Bible where for some miraculous reason they all learn to speak in the "tongues" of others.  I have always believed that they tortured someone to learn how to speak in those other tongues.  I also remember a Sicilian woman telling me that once her father got so scared about going into a hospital that he could not speak English anymore.

So where did Tom Cruise get his skills from?  It sounds to me like there is a great crime involved.  And if it is proven to be a crime then the whole Scientology religion will have to forfeit all of their money and assets under the racketeering provision.

The only other item I remember about Scientology is that it was alledged that a woman was held prisoner on a cruise ship for a very long time.

My question is, "Is Scientology the religion that uses modern versions of the Telsa Particle Beam weapon that Nikolas Tesla was marketing in Europe before the start of WWII?"  I know that such technology is used to falsely mentally disable people.  So where do the skills of the mentally disabled go?  It is a zero sum game my skills lost from the demonization of me go to the ones who demonized me?  It is more of the nature of what is lost is not gained by those who stole it.

It was said that Scientology found Tom Cruise his wife for him.  She left in a hurry when he was not around.  The justice department needs to question her becomes something must have scared her pretty good to leave like she did!

There is no substitute to having parents that love you and take a personal interest in raising you.  Your personality is indeed comprised of your lifes experience.  I have to ask the question, "What comprises the personality of Tom Cruise."

There was an article published in the local newspaper some years back about a neighbor in a duplex using his ham radio to drive a Jewish couple bonkers.  The black man got 10 years in prison.  For the life of me I can not seem to find that article when I search that website.  But that would indeed be the same concept of soul theft.  And if there is a bully in the classroom that is scaring other children out of their minds that is indeed distraction learning by the satanic and it is soul theft.

I also believe that every occult and secret society uses this magnetic wave technology to imprint the minds of those who fall through the system.  That includes Special Education.

What this leads to is people who have not earned their money and a world of waste.

These people are sick and this is a crime against humanity.

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