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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Spirit of Man 07 29 2012

The Spirit of Man 07 29 2012
Those voices you hear are trying to climb over you just to get out of hell!
If they do get out of hell they rather quickly they are going to end up right back in there.  It has to do with why they are in hell and how one really gets out of there.
They are in hell because they had no idea how to raise children with love.  And not only that- they are in hell for one of the 7 deadly sins that killed their lying soul.
So what is the remedy for them?  The only way for them to get out of hell is to try and counteract the 7 deadly sins they are guilty of.  And abstain from them.
But what is your countermeasure to those voices?
Fire back at those voices with the thought, “That’s not the way to get out of hell.”  And also, “You make the most miserable children on earth.”
The voices are also trying to make a connection to your living soul in their conception so that their child is born with the soul of Satan.  A child with the soul of Satan has an exact duplicate of your soul and your memory up to your current age.  To members of the occult this is like winning the witchcraft lottery!  That child conceived via that link to the witches’ voice in your head will be the most miserable person ever.  Not only that some of them will be males with the evil woman’s souls and some will be females with your soul. 
Also counter with, “The way to get out of hell is to raise children with true love.”
Your soul animates their minds like a dead stump in the forest being watered and growing into a Redwood Tree again.  They are that void of human emotion!  That is right- a petrified forest comes to life and grabs at you with thorny limbs.
Getting out of hell would be a lot easier than that but they never chose the easy way out because to them it is the hard way out and full of frustration!
 They think that the way of getting out of hell is analogous to wolves howling at the moon!   Getting out of hell really means to live being human!
They do not understand this concept because they are so far down it is foreign to them.  Once again if they do get out of hell via climbing over your soul and stepping on it is only temporary and they end up right back down there.  But not only that they take a lot more people with them!
There idea of getting out of hell is to convince you that you are the devil and prevent you from hearing yourself think so they can steal your soul for the day.  Don’t believe any of it!!!!  Just say to yourself, “This too will pass,” and try and take care of any ailments they try and transfer to you and give you as you are prevented from thinking by their howlings.  For example, they love to expose you to cigarette smoke.  So flush your sinus’s with ½ teaspoon of table salt dissolved in a cup of warm water.  And take a gram or two of vitamin C while they’re trying to bust you up.
The important point is that you must endure and persevere in order that they feeble minded are completely defeated and chose instead to take what is the hard way out of hell for them- being caring, loving and responsible people.
Believe in what I say and how needling them in this fashion goes a long way!  Something like, “Miserable are the ones who chose not to love, care and think for themselves!”  Just repeat that thought as it is consistent with the Parakleet from Religious text and think something like the Parakleet might say, “Are you the miserable ones that are still with us, are you?”
Or maybe a little French, “You are not one of them Less Miserables are you?”
Any son who is taught to see through the eyes of a man is going to be miserable all his life, so the witch tries to write her wrongs by making a zombie of her soul theft victim.  As I mentioned before- she is creating transgendered souls and homosexuals when she does this so rub her nose in this fact that she does not want to admit to.  It took me awhile to realize this is what was happening but the only way to defeat it is to explain it to her ad nauseum so that she abstains from bothering you.  Some thought like this goes a long way to defeating them with applicable logic, “You didn’t want your children you taught to see through my eyes to see my morning erection every day when I wake up did you?”
I believe that you can use that angle to completely destroy this occult of the satanic!!!!
But if you do guard your Johnson on dates and really everywhere like you are the last man on earth!  Because that last paragraph pisses the witches evil head off like a beet red fire hydrant ready to explode!  It is my personal belief that child molesters and really all sexual molesters should be…well that you can immediately kill one in defense as is the law after due process in IRAN?  But don’t blame me when you get the death penalty or life in prison for murder.  You know what would happen if we made that they law in the United States?  There would be all kinds of evil women and men that baited people into kissing them so that they could pull a gun out and shoot them; no lie.  The reason justice systems fail is because the evil in this world learn how to subvert it and use it to their advantage.  Not only does money buy freedom in this country but also when the Satanic haze the leader of a school of legal thought of district attorneys- the DA loses the case!  The Satanic figured this one out good!!!
And be honest with yourself, the evil of this occult does not belong with the rest of us.  Don’t be fooled by those in the world that have your soul and try and convince you otherwise.  Why?  Because once they have your soul they will want you to leave this earth in some way.
Their view with regard to having children is that they are like material widgets that are to be made in a cold and sterile factory.

The reason the devil is so damn hard to beat is because it see’s through your eye’s so try this thought and remember no-one has ever beat the devil and our society will not even mention or acknowledge how she creates them~ the Lilith she Monster.
It sounds horrible doesn’t it but it is exactly what they do and it has horrible repercussions in terms of their development so rub their nose in it.  In other words let them know this is the result of what they are doing!!!
Have faith because no male ever wanted to be raised like they are raised.  And no male ever wanted to be conceived from their tainted evil influence.
Be a good person with regard to your actions in life and believe in yourself until the day you die and not matter what happens to you they cannot win!
And just think about it- you would never want to marry a woman who would partake in evil soul stealing as a way to raise children.
If the opposite were true you would not be crowed at by them as they age!  And these odd sons and daughters are going to crow at you!
Some of her son’s will grow to be pedophiles because of the horror of how they were raised to see through others eyes by her.  You the good son are not a pedophile and never will be.
She devil will try and tempt you to be evil all your life but you must realize she devil is doing this so that you act on impulse and have a guilty soul.  When you have a guilty soul she can grind your self esteem and confidence into the ground with her heal.  So do nothing wrong and dismiss the nuances of thoughts with regard to this evil temptations as being something that’s origin was and belongs to that which see’s through your eye’s!  And this is exactly what a Chinese monk learns to master.  They are able to sit and let thoughts come and go.  But you live in the business world of the United States where nothing is free so it is much harder for you.  You can’t just sit there light a mushroom until those who posses you get bored and go on to do something else.
And after you dismiss evil in this manner you help make those who see through your eye’s better people.  It is like being able to chastise those who thought they were free from ridicule and reproach; correcting the false righteous – as it were.
What problem do white people have with me a white person?  It has to do with my disseminated spirit of man.  Maybe I imagine it works like this, it recognizes that you are of human form and yet not human.  So rather tenaciously it pecks its way into your head to make you a responsible thinking human.  It does this completely independent of my consciousness.

Who am I to say such things?
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