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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Schizophrenia as a Mental Illness Question Mark 07 28 2012

Schizophrenia as a Mental Illness? 07 28 2012

Schizophrenics would not be sick at all if it were not for the feeble minded, evil minded, Satanic minded, dependent minded, (They all mean the same thing) who prey on them for their intelligence.

I believe that nonlethal weapons like the Tesla Particle Wave Beam that was marketed in Europe before the start of WWII are used to facilitate the symptoms of mental illness within schizophrenics.  And the symptoms of schizophrenia are really caused by the attrition of the feeble minded.

So why are we made sick and labeled by this occult?  It is very simple the feeble satanic minded can never compete with the intelligence of those who were raised by loving parents.

Schizophrenics are labeled as such and made sick by the feeble minded because if the world were ever to figure out what the satanic were and complain that they are a horror that is different; well the explanation is if the Satanic have pre-labeled those whose souls they have preyed on to make mentally ill the Satanic can complain in defense that the schizophrenic is mentally ill and feeble minded too.


That was indeed a major theme in Catholic School when someone was accused of doing something bad was, “Don’t you dare accuse because we are all human.”  This is indeed the adult Satanic projecting their own self pity in defense of the actions of bad children.

Another theme in Catholic School was that we are all sinners!  It means the same thing, you don’t have the right of saying something bad about someone else because you are inherently bad too!  This is not true!!!  Why?  Because there are degrees of wrong doing and this belief is just used to minimize the bad things those children who were neglected by their parents and raised by wealth did and maximize the slightest wrong a good child of loving parents had against another for being mean!  To accuse someone of being a mean person is a mean thing to do isn’t it you human sinner!

The truth is some of us just did not believe in being a bully or harming others.  We were just happy to play nice and sit and listen.  In fact because of this we were the ones who could learn much faster than the others or some others being taught in the classroom.  Contrast this to the feeble minded sons who had the superimposed souls of evil woman with them!  Now here I am getting a little far away from something you could believe in, but bear with me and listen as you read.

An evil woman’s soul superimposed onto a male body is indeed the nature of the dependent minded from the get go.  (Note to self this sentence is also the start of the voice of the narrorator from the Bible and the Origin of the “Whoa I say to thee,” in the Bible.)  And how does a male get the soul of an evil woman?  Very simple, the adult aged women of this feeble minded occult drive men’s souls from them by making them hear voices until they can no longer hear themselves think.  Why do they do this?  Because they know they are feeble minded and different and they are trying to drive that good mans soul into the conception of their offspring.  It just does not work out that way!!!!

What happens with regard to their evil mannered intention is that their males end up with transgendered and dependent minded souls!  Every one of them!!!  They end up having the ability to live off the souls of others because of this negative influence to their development and creation.  But not only that, they can never be anything else in life but dependent minded.

And here is where the horror comes to bear.  The relaxed mind is that indeed of a professional who loves work.  The children of loving parents learn from them right away because of this.  The children of the occult never have this relaxed mind and instead live a life of frustration.  That is until!!!  The way they overcome this is by harming other children of loving parents and making them live in fear of them.  Instead of learning from parents that love them and listening to teachers that they view the same way they scare the souls from the children of parents that love them.  It makes for a backwards and wrong world.  (Read my next article about two forms of dyslexia.)

The children of the Satanic never do develop their own souls and are dependent minded all their lives because of this.  What do they become in life?  They have to victimize others in order to survive all throughout their lives.

And they have to defeat every good soul that is in the world in order to maintain their rule of fear.  The rule of fear is one where others are afraid to think and voice their opinion.  The rule of fear is one where good people are victimized from their skills (which are part of a person’s soul) by all manner of insult and injury.

If you are a loving parent you would not want your children to be raised in a community or country that condones this behavior and legitimizes it.  They will be lifetime victims of the Satanic!

The Judea/Christian religion does not have a very good track record with regard to preserving humanity as it relates to environmental responsibility for the planet and its ability to support human life.  Why not?  Because their prime concern is one of shame for what they are and projecting that hatred onto the world in the form of money for me and my needs and nothing else, because I am shamefully dependent minded.

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