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Monday, July 16, 2012

How you can tell who is Satanic 07 16 2012

You can tell who does not like you or who is envious of you or even who is dependent minded satanic to you by mentioning a great achievement of yours.

Here is what will happen, they will not want to hear you talk about yourself.  They will not look you in the eye when you are doing so.  They will try and change the subject of the conversation as quickly as they can.  Why?  Because the satanic were right there when you achieved what you did and when you talk about it it breaks their delusion of being you.

Another word of advice regarding the Satanic is that if you talk to a person who looks like someone who is dependent minded to you and you get along real good with them.  The person that is dependent minded to you then feels better about themselves and you have a better day.  This has a lot to do with the plot of mistaken identity and the mystery of Double Gangers.  A Double Ganger can be defined by me as a person who looks just like another person but is not their twin family member.

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