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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Forgiveness of Sins 07 03 2012

Forgiveness of Sins should be thought of like touching a hot stove and getting burned the first time in life.  That is not something you should ever forget about right?  If you forget about it you run the risk of getting burnt to death don't you.  Burnt to death- that sounds like Hell doesn't it?

We can forgive others and should but I do not believe that we should forgive ourselves and then forget because that is the way of the irresponsible.  They are not something we should forget about and nor should we burn ourselves on the red hot stove.

We should seek to try and reason why we did something, that is the nature of learning.  And in the nature of learning about why we did something we often find the reason we should and can forgive others.  And what happens when we learn...

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  1. PS. Don't expect that someone is obligated to forgive you.