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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ranting Diatribe of a Mad Man 07 15 2012

Ranting Diatribe of a Mad Man 07 15 2012
Do you know what kind of world we have today?  It is one where the strong minded become silent and benign for fear of losing their jobs or offending a corporate or government “kingsmen.”
The problem with second sourced knowledge is that the motivation of the” I don’t agree with that parts people.”
The points that you don’t agree with were often formed from experiential knowledge and therefore the most relevant.  Why?  Because, well here let me use a colloquialism, “Experience is the best teacher.”
“The world of second rate sourced knowledge is no longer valid.”
What happens when the day comes that there is no-one to solve the problems for you that you were always supposed to be able to solve?
Why is this all relevant?  Because it accurately reflects on how government makes its decisions today.  It can be thought of as Ronald Reagan just asking his fortune teller what to do for advice in government and implementing that advice.  If you are rolling over and laughing at the horror of that reality so am I.
What is the reality of the great success of the Ronald Reagan decision making process?  The feeble minded figured out a way to harness the minds of the great “tellers” as if they were their own in a crime against humanity.
The mind of the feeble minded is a reactive mind.  It is one of a female bird that tries to destroy the nest of a potential mate.  It does the opposite of what it learns as second rate knowledge and never develops the trust in people to listen to a teacher in a classroom.  It is content with being in its own game world and the mouth often speaks with the same tongue that it was born with.
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PS.  I write a lot of this stuff and don’t have the time to type it in and publish it.  And nobody has ever really supported me and said they like reading it. But I do it anyway.  Why?  Because it feels good to speak my mind and I still have the freedom of speech to do so. 
I can hear you already.  We need to intervene with regard to so and so?  “We” would be a lot better if you were not pretentiously be competent.  In other words we should have never had a President who consulted a fortune teller.  Remember Ronald Reagan has been the idol and poster child of the Republican party for ~ 3 decades?  What is this, a Gypsy Tinker world? 

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