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Thursday, July 26, 2012

An interesting concept came to the surface in that last piece.

An interesting concept came to the surface in that last piece.
The rise of a society power (implied evil) in a country after a genocide has occurred.

Was the rise of England in the Industrial revolution due to looting of the Irish in the Irish Genocide.

Then you have to ask yourself,  "After the Jews were killed in WWII what was the evil societal power that rose?"  There is validity in asking if indeed Hitler was being controlled by what now amounts to the military industrial and pharma chem industries that rose from the horror.  The techology to remotely control human thought was in existence at the time or WWII and from the Bible we do indeed no for a fact that the Satanic do not have their own minds.

Then you have to ask yourself about what rises from a pile of dead people as a foundation?
It can be argued that something good arose from the Revolutionary War the land of the free.  ( I can hear some want to argue already or I would have just stated that as a fact.)  And can we not believe that something good arose after the Civil War.  But what of wars wear their are victors that did not have to fight on either the losing or winning sides.  My father did indeed tell me that certain buildings were not touched in WWII.  There is a great implication there!!!!!!!!  Why?  You and I think of war and bombs coming out of the air like pellets from a scattering shot gun, but what my father told me was that there was some discrimiation as to what was and what was not hit in WWII.

It makes you wonder if the Military Industrial complex does not have such a low point of view with their own humanity that they do indeed like to play chess with the men and women of this world.  I will give you a hint about who they like to get rid of quick- those whose school of thought they are students of!!!!!!

As a matter of fact you have to ask yourself this, Qui Bono, (Sp?) question with regard to every genocide in the history of the world.  And if you get good at it maybe, just maybe you will be able to stop every one of them before they happen again.

Of course you would have to believe that people kill and harm others because they are jealous of them and cannot compete with them first.  And then you would have to settle on the exact and irrefutable reason why.  There is only one.

If you know you have a school of thought with you NEVER LET THEM STOP LEARNING!  Why because it makes them miserable.  And if they get miserable enough they will try to ensure that they and their children are never raised to be dependent minded ever again.  Indeed the impetus for them to do the right thing in this world in terms of revelation will come from them and not you.  The truth will set you free.

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