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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jewish Law in the Gospel of Nicodemus 07 10 2012

Jewish Law in the Gospel of Nicodemus

According to the Gospel of Nicodemus Jews were never supposed to listen to a man that did not have a circumcised penis.

How would they know?

What kind of man asks another man to show him his penis before he will listen to them?

This sounds like a race of women to me.

And what would a group of Jews do to you while you are showing them your penis?  Give themselves a bargain while you are keeling over?

It was that Italian Comedian' who was on The Apprentice who once said, “There is no difference between an Italian and a Jew.”  And what is the Italian Mafia phrase they said with such gusto?  “Cut off the tail and the head dies too.”

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  1. Flash forward and this reminds me of every male college fraternity initiation. And what else has our country been found to do at college initiations; haze people to death and rape chants.

  2. Flash forward one more time. Do you know what this would be labeled today? It would be labeled DISCRIMINATION. Do you know what the modern counterpart to this is in our modern society? It is the insurance companies failure to ensure you or give you disability payments for a pre-existing condition!!!!

    Just think of how a Lew Paterno Health Insurance Company would operate and you will start to get sick from the dose of the evil truth you will not want to believe in!!!! A crime against humanity hidden in plain sight!

    The man who stands at the bully pulpit in the Church was the same one who molested boys- to steal their souls.