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Saturday, July 28, 2012

There are Two Different Causes of Dyslexia 07 28 2012

There are Two Different Causes of Dyslexia 07 28 2012

If you don’t like the first definition keep reading until you get to the second.

Are dyslexics of the mind of Satan?  (To understand this you have to think of Satan as a plural term.  Meaning that it means many, I can prove this to you from the Bible but not now.)

1.       By definition Satan is soulless.

2.       Because Satan is soulless it means that he/she learns from the minds of others.

3.       Because Satan learns from the minds of others he/she seeks to get ahead of those minds in order to defeat them.  (It is like the process of going to a car dealership and having the salesmen defeat all your concerns and you end up paying more than you should have.)

4.       But because Satan is learning from the souls of others and getting ahead of them he/she is always looking backwards or right to left in order to try and understand what that other person is thinking when they read.

5.       And this indeed why those diagnosed as dyslexic cannot read.  They may not even be aware of the complex psychological construct taking place within their minds.  But it is likely one of frustration at being human.  One of believing that some spirit should still help them even though they are now of their own spirit in life.  They cannot read because they are trying to understand something from a perspective that is not of their own mind!!!  This does indeed jive with the aphorism that Satan thinks backwards.

(Let me put a disclaimer with regard to this in here.  For all I know we are all born part of the same soul of creation and some of us have trouble becoming independent thinkers in this world while others don’t.  So it is not for me to lift my nose at anyone else.  I just write this to prove what no one wants to prove in order to help someone that is dyslexic.)  This theory would indeed support the catch up and get ahead nature of Satan.  But that is another ten pages and a story.)

There is a SECOND TYPE OF DYSLEXIC and this is the one that I worry about.

The second type of dyslexic is the person who has others that learned to read from them or learned to read from their minds.  You think that I am being far out????  No I am not.  Imprinting is a proven fact with regard to the brain waves of humans.  It can be thought of as a father or mother loving their child and doing some activity with them whereby the child learns out of love.

In effect every time this type of dyslexic tries to read the satanic who learned from them get in that head and screw it up backwards so it is self defeated from being able to read.  It is like the crows chasing the Eagle so it gives up trying to fly.  (I have to ask myself if the no child left behind policy was that of a dyslexic president who projected his self pity onto the children of this country.)

The best advice I can give someone of this second type of dyslexia in their life is “Keep them busy and it screws them up!”  In conjunction with this advice is to try and start many different projects at once.  When or indeed IF you fail at one you might be able to look back and see that you did indeed have success at some.  When you do this you are busting through that evil mind.  In effect that evil mind will no longer be able to prevent you from attaining higher thinking.  But this may no longer be true in this day and age because the evil mind is getting a lot of support in an effort to defeat the good mind.  But if you live in a generation to come this advice may become re-valid for you because the evil mind is always a dependent mind and therefore has to learn along with yours again.  But the evil mind has a propensity to be lazy- that is indeed the nature of the evil mind- the belief that everything in life should be provided to it.

We are going to have all these problems until our society recognizes bullies and the Satanic for what they are!

If you are of the second version of dyslexic look out late in life when your schooling is done because the satanic who learned from your soul will try and kill you by getting you to an on impulse.  They no longer want to have to listen to you and learn from you in their lives.  That evil mind is the most spoiled mind that you will ever know.


Imagine that you have a test paper in front of you and that you are erasing and changing your answers in order to prevent the “Crows” from getting the right answers!!!  B the way also consider the symbolism behind “He was something to crow about,” as it relates to your daily life because you will find it highly relevant.

If you want to be even more mean.  Take out a piece of paper and pretend that you are the professor who is designing a test for others.  These imaginary processes create more anxiety in the relaxed evil mind of the victimizing Satanic than you could ever imagine.

If you are dyslexic it might be worth the effort to try the technique of imagining that you are changing answers on a test paper to defeat a dependent minded person at the same time you are trying to read a paragraph.

Also try putting a warm or hot towel across the back of your neck and reading aloud.  Take the towel off when it gets cool or you will catch a cold and sore throat though.  You may also try a gel pack across the back of your neck.  Why does this work?  It throws a monkey wrench in the ability of that evil minded person so superimpose your mind while you are reading.  There is a lot of research about how there is an electric signal near the throat right before someone is about to speak.  Think of it as a way to prevent a crow from pecking at the back of your neck while you are trying to read.  There is a lot of wisdom to the phrase from the Book of Revelation of the Bible, “Blessed is the one who reads aloud!”

Satan hates your imagination because it wants its children to believe that you are always a trusted source for reality.  Satan profits from all the sources of your imagination.  Satan does not want you to believe in yourself or the product of your own thinking.  And lastly more than anything else in the world Satan loathes it when you seek to analyze him/her.  Why?  Because Satan’s life was one of thinking along with someone else and being taught that they were better for this evil feeble minded ability?

Basically if you can listen to someone talking and understand the English Language from a verbal perspective you also know how to read.

I can hear the money changers already.  They want to develop a program based on this method without revealing why it might work.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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