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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Empirical Evidence on NAFTA 07 15 2012

Empirical Evidence on NAFTA

Every once in a while I find myself reviewing the actions of those whom I have admired to see if what they have done is still consistent with regard to my personal integrity.
Per my tilled memory President Clinton signed into law NAFTA.  It stands for North American Free Trade Agreement.
The reason that it could have been good and should have been good was that we could have used cheap Mexican labor close to our country and reduced transportation costs to get goods into the United States.  This would have saved tremendous amounts of energy.  In hindsight we were not able to manage Mexican manufacturing plants to the point where a strong factory base was built there.
So what is the Empirical Evidence with regard to NAFTA?
1.        Influx of illegal immigrants eroding our income tax basis.
2.       Romney’s extended family did well.  A spotless Mormon plantation south of the border?  I have to ask myself, “What are they growing in extended farmlands?”   And what do they manage?  And how do they manage workers when United States Corporations were not able seed Mexico with manufacturing plants?  What are they doing differently and are they violating human rights on those plantations?  Does the condition of their workers resemble involuntary servitude?
3.       An influx of drugs to the United States!!  I believe that the United States Government just found 70 more mine tunnels that lead from Mexico into the United States?  Whose property are these on?  Are we to assume that no-one owns that land?  If no-one is responsible and says that they own the land those tunnel terminus’s are on they maybe that land should be seized by the United States Government whether it is on this side of the border or that side of the border.  It really isn’t that hard to figure out who owns that land, manages it or is responsible for it.
4.       What do we send to Mexico?  Is it solid waste?  An Italian once told me that a major United States Solid waste company was a deep rooted organization.  So we do we send waste to Mexico and what do we bring back in the garbage trucks?  Maybe it is time again in this country to seize assets under the racketeering provision and redistribute wealth.  Who in this country would not like to receive a government rebate for all the pot money that was illegally made here?  As a matter of fact that is the best idea I have had all day.  States and communities get a check in the mail no matter how small for drug money and assets seized and distributed under a new racketeering provision.
5.       I believe that our border patrol has the right to let those 300 caliber guns roll out the bullets.  Fleeing from an officer is grounds to shoot someone if you feel that they are endangering the lives of people.  Who can argue that shooting a fleeing drug dealer is not justified in this border situation?  The next thing that we will see is someone shooting a nature video on the Rio Grande in order to lessen such an argument.  It is like see you are wrong because.  This is the kind of counterarguments poses by more of a female minded person to defy the common sense of a man being confident in the decisions he has made?  And in response I will say that I am talking about the majority of those who are in an area that is a “Crime avenue.”
6.       Gulf Coast off of Texas mismanaged and destroyed because of a defeating and poor focus.
7.       Has anyone looked around at people and asked themselves, “Is that low grade imbecile a marijuana baby?”  Does marijuana genetically change a fetus?  Jesus Christ it took ~60 years to prove cigarettes were cancerous.  And cancer is indeed a genetic change.  Doesn’t anyone want to step up to the plate and say marijuana is breeding low grade imbeciles?  I WILL!
8.       NAFTA.  Fair Trade?  Of what illegal immigrants?  I don’t have any working for me as defacto indentured servants do you?  Those who cannot compete with the rest of us need slave labor to do so.  Next they will say the Bible say’s its okay.  Wake up! That Bible was said to be written by those who were divinely inspired.  Catholic Priests actions are said to be divinely inspired too, we know this is not true because God would not have children molested.  It is Sunday morning so I will also tell you that the prophets are always with us and they are those who have been labeled as having schizophrenia, and you would never believe in the horror of those who make them this way.
9.       I would like to question what the Long Range Plans of the Republican party are and what they have been.  Why?  Our freedom and values, (Basically everything that was good about this country) are based on maintaining true integrity.
10.   Did plantation money put Romney into politics?  Do his offshore accounts in Bermuda or the Cayman islands???  These types of accounts are used for laundering money aren’t they?  For what type of activity?  As soon as Clinton, the President who signed NAFTA?, said that Romney’s business record was sterling my ships alarm went off.  Why does a Democrat endorse a Republican?    Some times when Clinton speaks on television it is the greatest thing to listen to ever and sometimes I look at him and think what Al Gore said to him, “Get with the program!”  or “Get with it!”
11.   I do not want to harp on Hillary too much but she did not have a son.  And I feel that she has not developed the temperament to handle bad boys.   She did have a man that she stood by that was an adulterer.  But I have to ask myself, “What political leader of a foreign country would listen to her cacowing and groaning and respect the U.S.  Sometimes a certain type of woman’s personality leads men into temptation.  As children some of us males are under the psychology of what can I safely get away with.  Those who commit terrorist type acts or are raised with silver spoons to become political leaders do not seem to lose this aspect of childhood.
12.   I can remember in the 1970’s they were saying on the news how think tank geniuses were paid great amounts for their plans.  Their plans have not come to fruition and I have to ask myself, “Who has been high as a kite?”  In the book written by Barracks ex-girlfriend it states that he spent most of his time alone in his room.  What you do not know about some geniuses is that they are children who were raised on stolen souls and the victims of this soul theft are labeled Schizophrenic.  It’s a kings dungeon religion type of thing.
14.   NAFTA and implementation thereof.  Give an evil minded child a hammer expecting him to be productive with it and the first thing that he does is hit his brother with it.  What is my point?  We can enact all the good laws that we want but how the feeble minded take advantage of them is s different story.  What is the empirical evidence of this?  You lecture a spoiled child what not to do and they do it anyway!  What do the feeble minded ask themselves when we have a mandate that they do not agree with?  “How can I use something good to me benefit if I am an evil person?  Or better yet, “I didn’t agree with it so I will do my part in every way to ruin it.”  They will even say that it is not their intention to ruin something and it gets ruined anyway.
15.   NAFTA  Trucking and logistics is involved right?  So if you are bringing drugs up from Mexico were would your “WHAREHOUSE BASE” for them be?  Colorado!!! Why?  Because it is a gnats distance from California where they are used.  And what are drugs?  They are a false reward system.  Pot was defacto legalized in Colorado under the watch of what President?  I have to ask what influx the mafia and organized crime has made with regard to trucking firms.  There is a great amount of logistics involved in getting drugs into this country and logistics are often first learned through military experience.  That is not service to our country.  You know what I say, “If you are in a Rio Grande Patrol boat let those 300 caliber carbines roll.”
16.   There was an internet video that implied that Bill Clinton was a member of the Bilderburg Occult.  Do you know what all of the occult and secret societies in the world have in common?  They all raise their children on the souls stolen by the Satanic.  And the victims of this crime against humanity are labeled schizophrenics.   The influx of drugs is used to undermine the self esteem and confidence of people so that their souls might be stolen as they have no faith in themselves or their self worth.  Drugs being a false reward system are the quickest way to lessen a person’s self worth.  The mind of the Satanic allows itself to believe in delusion that it is everything and more than the person whose stole it has stolen.  THIS IS THE BIGGEST LIE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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  1. PS I am the only one who saw the magazine cover picture of President Obama and George Bush waling out of their private oval office meeting step in step with eye's that were high as a kite?

  2. 2XPS This is the reason our founding fathers wrote it into our constitution that we are not to keep an army for more than 2 years.