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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inventions Needed Pivoting holster you can fire through

Inventions Needed Pivoting holster you can fire through.

We need a holster that pivots on a ball or bearing so that you can point it at a Cougar, Mountain Lion, or Wolf or Bear that takes you by surprise and starts chewing on you.  Cat's are silent and like to attack from behind sometimes.  I believe that they also aim for the head and neck.

The time it would take to get the gun out would be too long with ordinary holster.  This new feature could even it hard to get the gun out of the holster so that while you are rolling and firing you do not lose the gun.  And of course their would be a danger associated with it in that people could not get it out of the holster or at worse shoot themselves.  But I think that it is an interesting concept to consider.  This type of gun could even be integrated into the holster and small only holding a four to six cartridge's.

If made light could wear one on each side of the belt.  One pointing forward and one backward.

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