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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Lady Standard09 27 2011

The Lady Standard 09 27 2011

Every man ought to think in the same terms of a highly intelligent lady with regard to how you are treated at a business.
I have applied this standard all my life to my dealings with a business. And it is just this, “If my wife, who is a lady, where to be treated like that how would she feel.”
I know it sound queer to us guys, but it has proved to be very helpful in determining what is right from wrong.
Business’s that fail the respect that a lady would expect often go out of business. And the rule is more than 9 times out 10.
As I look around me today I have to ask myself where have all the Ladies gone? It is like there is not one single woman who makes that standard! You would think there would be many.
The old black and white movies had quite a few ladies, but you would be hard pressed to identify a movie today where the actress is a true lady on screen and off.
I can think of things that a lady would never do to raise her children!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Every business that has not met the Lady Standard in my 45 years of life and observation has failed.

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