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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two of my Back X rays

Anyone who is getting a gym membership needs to build the pelvis muscles below the belly button.  These are muscles that most people do not know that they have and there is very little muscle there if you have not developed them.  The lower pelvic muscles of many people are distended from eating too much food.

I was told by my physical therapist that most people injure their lower backs at night because that is when the disks are re hydrating.  That makes them more prone to bulging out because they are larger as the metabolites from the day are being cleansed and flushed out.  In the very early morning the muscle tension around them is not very great as the muscles are recuperating at this time too.  In the lower picture you see the large round objects are muscles that run along the spine.  My disc is in the center and it is bulging back into the spine.

I was concerned with all the white in the top MRI but the Doctor told me that those are just blood vessels.

My physical therapist told me that the process of healing is one of the body scarring over where the fluid leaked out of the disc and it takes some time. 

The four exercises she gave me to do are very simple and I do them while lying in bed.  Very simple and easy to do and yet they help very much in strengthening this area.

I injured my back in December of 2011 and my physical therapist told me that these four exercises are the ones that they usually give a person to do right away.  Funny thing is I was told that there was nothing that I could do for it right away.  These exercises help and I wish I was told about them 6 trips earlier to the doctor (S).  I might have been heeled by know?

If there is a Doctor out there who wants to offer a second opinion  or insight with regard to what they see in this MRI please do so in the comments box below.

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I don't think much of Doctors and apparently by the fruitless visits to many Doctors there is some validity to that basis of opinion.  It is like they try and maintain a false air of superiority in defense of not being accountable to patients?

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