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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not a one of her children could work 09 10 2014

Not a one of her children could work 09 10 2014

And a distinction that most would easily understand needs to be made.  If someone pays you to commit a crime you haven't worked; for no matter how hard crime might seem to you it isn't work but just the opposite of work.

Not a one of her children could work.

With regard to immigration it is like they keep saying the other person is responsible for the problem while the problem grows and grows and grows.  Those political leaders should not be being paid.

There are 100,000 documented gang members in Chicago.  And they are selling heroin left and right!  Most people don't understand that if that heroin is placed in your food at a restaurant that you will be poisoned and die from it!

That qualifies the immigration problem as an insurgency and our Government needs to act on it right away in a unified manner!  They like to believe in White Supremacy? Very soon there will not be any more whites around to shelter the cowards in our Government.  And the white race will thereafter be done.  The majority in public schools today are Hispanics. And that can only lead to Spanish  becoming the official language.  After that happens there will be no more industry and it will just be genocide of the rest of us by heroin poisoning.

And the churches in the United States have not fostered the ability to work or the concept of work but rather the concept of organized crime!  It is better that we deport the entire lot of them rather than let the United States degrade into a country whereby those who can't work rule by crime!  They can go and not work right back where they came from!n  We don't need an immigration bill we need a strong President who can base his decisions directly on the Constitution of the United States and take action!  We may have to deputize United States Citizens to have authority over and above the other legal departments in order to get the job done!

After those Mexican gangs are done poisoning all of white and black America to death what do you think they are going to do?  Do you believe they are going to work to eat? No they are going to enslave the rest of us to do that for them!

How many health care violations to restaurants have?  Serving meals unsafe to eat is not work!  New restaurants that start on that basis are creating more problems than they solve!

Fostering children that cannot learn and therefore work is not creating work either!

How many corporations outsource labor to foreign countries?  Not being able to get along and respect the Constitutional rights of Americans in the workplace is not work either.

The strong work ethic that America was based on came from children that had the ability to learn and respect the rights of others.  It doesn't come from athletic degrees and playing for a living!  One member of the mentally defective family plays for a living while the other tortures!  They are not us!  They should have been aborted.  There is very little good reason that a child of a one night stand bar event likely to have mental retardation caused by fetal alcohol syndrome should ever be allowed to be kept or placed in the adoption network!  Perhaps the best marriage rule should be that you have to be married in order to have and keep a child afterwards!!

That immigration problem is going to get so bad that we will not be able to discern who the good are from the bad and that could lead to genocide in order to protect those who believe in work and not crime!

And the days of the mentally defective mocking normal human beings with voices round the clock so that they cannot work whereby they can then mock them further and tell them to get a job are going to come to an end!  You were not born to play for a living or present the works from the minds of others as your own work!  You were not born to prevent human beings from legitimately working and then mock them because they cannot because they here your voices!  And this might mean the arrest of a great many from religion who are creating medical fraud!

Not a one of her children could work!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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