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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We did not come from Adam and Eve as you were led to believe 09 09 2014

We did not come from Adam and Eve like you are led to believe! That is a metaphor for the most evolved race at the time evicted members that were genetically defective. The God of the Garden of Eden was just the most evolved race at the time who had the heart not to kill those who were likely to have fetal alcohol syndrome. The definition we have of God today serves the purpose of those who were evicted. The story of the Garden of Eden is a cover story for the fact that there were 144,000 prophets all of whom were killed, Jezebel the most wicked woman in history killed 10,000 herself. The prophets (or people whose minds they profited from) were Gods by comparison!

Those of us who hear voices and whose minds are therefore in high demand are the remnants of that better human race; the new evidence is that we have 108 different genes! Some say that we have less immunity for them. But the original inhabitants of Israel did not eat pork! Those with less immunity would know how to eat in a more healthy way. Hence every schizophrenic is the equivalent of an original inhabitant of Israel! The Jews say how they always wish they could go back! So the answer and truth will have to come willingly from them! The way it works is that the smarter races need less immunity because they are smarter and know enough to stay away from uncooked meats? But in terms of evolution RH+ means that you have an immunity to lesser species Rhesus monkeys! Ask yourself what it means not to have an immunity to the Rhesus monkey???? Ahah? Maybe that ceremonial Egyptian monkey was used to create immunity to it; and hence foster evolution? My blood type is A RH+. Hard to say. But I don't believe Egypt was the great horror throughout history. I believe perhaps a bad King came into power or that it was infiltrated by those evicted for the above reasons.

As far as the Rh- bloodtype it might have come from Egypt and experiments with a ceremonial monkey! King Nebuchadnezzar whom the wine carafe is named after was alluded by Jesus to be Satan. And it is alcohol or wine that creates the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere today- fetal alcohol syndrome. The point being if Jezebel killed the good Jews then a King of Egypt likely experimented on them. And if you read the papyrus ebers it tells you of how ancient Egyptians had the sexual characteristics of both males and females in one! It tells of milk and semen coming from both men and women. Communism or one mind for all and the lesbian and gay marriage is indeed a push to take us back to that asexual reproduction. We are there already because some males and females do not recognize the meaning of their own gender identity! A normal 1st grade boy knows a homosexual is not a man. The Bible directly tells Joseph becoming king of Egypt and sequestering all of the worlds grain supply for 7 years in order to prevent alcohol from being created and consumed. And that is what the Jews who were slaves in Egypt were fed bread and beer. So they were destined to suffer the consequences of fetal alcohol syndrome. The Bible also alludes to Jews learning how to read mind by being able to tell what the dreams of the king were and interpret them! The sad part is that only when they were made to not have their own soul were they freed from Egypt?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 09 09 2014

Copyright 2014

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