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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Commentary on Ohio State Coach Body Slamming a Fan 10 01 2014

Commentary on Ohio State Coach Body Slamming a Fan 10 01 2014

That looks like the use of deadly force to me!  That coach should be charged with attempted murder.  Sports are entertainment as such they are nothing without their fans!  That was a fan running out on the field.  His lungs could have collapsed and he bled to death.  He could have had a permanent concussion.  He could have paralysis from the neck or waste down.  And so what if he was drinking, don't know if he was.  The leagues make a lot of money from alcohol sales.  And you were young once.  Perhaps you had a few drinks and ran on the field wanting to impress a new group of friends?  Should you be killed for it?  Should fans be allowed to bring guns into the games so that if a friend is attacked with deadly force by a testosterone psycho they can respond in kind?  Am I the only one who found that to be sad?  What a poor example to set for America!  What a poor example to set for boys!  There is absolutely no validity to an athletic scholarship compared to an academic one.  That coach, if he ends up not serving prison time, should never be allowed to attend a sporting event for the rest of his life.  There are people who work for a living and their are people that want to convince us that playing a childhood game is actually work; it isn't.  I don't want people like that in my neighborhood and I don't want people like that in my country.

I will never forget the little league coach that held a cigarette close to my face whenever and wherever I was on the sidelines of a baseball game I was playing in circa 1975.

If watching that video doesn't weigh on your conscience you are not a man.

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