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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

China trying to create a World Currency 10 01 2014

With the Constitutional right of congress to set the value of foreign currency the United States could even set the value of a foreign currency to be less than ZERO!  For example if it can be proven that that foreign country colluded to weaken the United States by propagandizing communism of the Communist mindset of one mind for all (ie. the medical fraud of Schizophrenia.)  If you show up to our door step wanting to convert that currency with us you will wind up owing us more gold every single time!

Do you know what that amounts to?  You have to pay us every time we have to look at you!

Per the Constitution of the United States Congress has the right and duty to set the value of foreign currency, not a foreign nation such as China. Anyone see how China realized we were off the Gold Standard with $17 trillion in debt and how the minds who power our country are the ones who heard voices and were put on psychiatric medicine! That right there is why we can't back up that $17 trillion in debt and Congress will have to set the value of the Chinese currency and if they want to per our Constitution they can say it is WORTHLESS! China has had plenty of time to change its ways to be more like a nation of the free and our Constitution but instead Corporate America has gone the other way and made the United States more like the Communist Chinese!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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