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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Worldwide Genocide 10 02 2014 (Dating advice in it too!)

Worldwide Genocide 10 02 2014 (Dating advice in it too!)

What if they made a young woman hear voices and those voices made her incapacitated to the point that another related criminal element forced her into sexual slavery in the porn industry or prostitution?

If we found a genetic element to only those people involved in crimes I would be an advocate of worldwide genocide (of them.)

If we found a great many people shared in the profits from the above activity via some distribution means I would be an advocate of worldwide genocide (of them.) You never thought to ask where they money was coming from?

If I were world leader money and wealth would never be allowed to force those without it to compromise themselves in that manner. Ie. A wealthy man paying them to have sex, defiling them and making porn movies of it too! Those who did so would be hunted down and executed under a new world order!

I would father marry a poor girl with a good heart than an upper class woman with no conscience or reason!

I want the good and normal (which includes those that here voices as the paramount) to be happy! Not those who did not earn their money who scheme to manipulate the innocent!

I often don’t think of schizophrenia from a young woman’s perspective. How they are manipulated and not even aware of it! What a horror it would be to hear some fat faced male or a cadre of them with moose like voices indicative of blunted mental retardation with sexual ambition, constantly talking to her in her head! By definition to collude to engage in that activity indicates mental retardation. Hence there are two reasons that would not be a loss to human society. And I am talking about people who have such deformed brain structures that they in demonic possession of their victims they are actually one with their minds to the point of SIGHT!

It see’s what man she is looking at and says to her, “No not that one. You should go to the man in the large brick home and take him up on that movie audition that might include sexual activity. After all you see many from Hollywood involved in sex scenes don’t you!”

These women have had their lives ruined. Their chance to have a family and meet a normal husband taken from them by the use of money as a tool. Money that is wielded by those born mentally defective! Always remember when choosing a husband those with Wilson’s syndrome have high verbal ability but very low IQ. They will quite easily talk you into marrying them and doing other things but they will not be able to provide for you in a fairly competitive manner because of the low IQ! And put it this way with regard to talk versus reading/writing ability. There are some estimates that state 43 million Americans have some form of dyslexia (the inability to read.) As you go about your daily life would you be able to tell by the sound of them talking? Perhaps a woman should put a man to a test by bringing a book along on a date and having him read to her from it! That would be one way to ferret out the real losers!

I want them all gone, dead and buried and we must then be vigilant they are never created again! The live of people who would do that are unconscionable existences.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Do you know how to tell what someone with high verbal and low IQ looks like?  They look like a camel chewing on a mouthful of caramels!

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