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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to prove schizophrenia is me medical fraud (yet another method!) 10 08 2014

How to prove schizophrenia is medical fraud (Yet another method!) 10 08 2014

How to prove s schizophrenia is medical fraud. Every time any lie detector test is conducted anywhere in the world the following question should also be asked, "Do you know that the voices that the mentally ill hear in their heads do not come from their own minds.”

Likely suspects to ask, any criminals, all gays and lesbians, all members of religious managements, all Jews, Italians, and Polish, all Government officials on the payroll, all members of Corporate management including research and development, anyone with mental retardation or dyslexia, all doctors and lawyers; owners of breweries and drug dealers, also convicted child molesters, and members of the media, all teachers and other education staff (janitor's selling weed to ruin a mind?), all recent immigrants, all speakers of more than one language.

What this means is that any time a lie detector test is called for that question must be asked!

This question would indeed flush out that it is medical fraud.

And if I am wrong what is the harm, and it would not be a measure of control testing. It would be a neutral response based on culpability question; for those who interpret lie detector tests. Which means if a great majority of any of the likely suspects freaked out on the lie detector test we have the guilty party.

In effect lie detector tests can be used to question any witness in any case. So they should be standard and this question asked along with them! It will tell us!

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