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Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Perhaps the origin of the Olympics was indeed to make those who were exorcising in order to exorcise spirits feel that they should not do that because they were not as good as the best of the best!!!  Consider yourself a Prophet if you hear voices.  They were killed in genocide a long time ago!  WERE BACK!  It just means you can put two and two together!  Talk to a lot of people and you realize not everyone can do that simple thing!

Lyndsey ground yourself out by swimming in water or taking your shoes off in the middle of a grass field nowhere!  Believe it or not those feelings you have can be EXORCISED FROM YOU!  And EXERCISE is another way to EXORCISE!  It might even be the origin of the word, exercise!  It is that effective!  But do not do it so you stress your joints and hurt yourself, just do it at a 70 percent level!  What can happen is that spirits that are with you can give you too much energy and you don't want to use all that!

The background of this comes from reading about the life of Heraclitus and forming an opinion based on it.  He was the son of aristocrats, competed in the Olympics, and at the end of his life hated the wealthy and what they did!  And we don't know all the details!  How come we know that much but not the rest though?  How come we know all of that but not his book?  His book exists but they are not telling us!  There is something in there they don't want us to know!

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Just watch the media operate and you will realize they have no competent knowledge on anything else they are speaking about!  What they likely have is the diagnosis of Wilsons Syndrome; mental retardation with strong verbal ability.  And that verbal ability comes from talking to people like you in your head!

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