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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to quit Smoking 10 08 2014

How to quit Smoking 10 08 2014Start coughing up blood and realizing you have less than a year to live and you'll quit right then!  So why wait for that day to come?  You expect that someone that never smoked who was killed by a smoking drunk driver is supposed to give you a lung?  So that you can start smoking anew with it?  My father quit when the price went up!  If he can quit on just that basis you can quit too!  There is no reason to be insecure in the world; be yourself!  I only say this because often when you come upon strangers the first thing they want to do is light up a cigarette because of insecurity.  Don't let that insecurity get you!  Try this!  Next time you feel like having a cigarette just stare at the person who was in your immediate vicinity!  And all you have to do is realize that a lot of peoples faces and emotions can be read!  Don't attempt to mask any insecurity you have on your face that you know might be showing!  After a while of that you will be comfortable with yourself in all social situations and not need to smoke!  And believe me there are those in this world who take every attempt they possible can to indoctrinate you with negative expectations with regard to your own sense of self esteem!  Once you realize that you have it beat and are personally empowered in life!  A real person will not look down on you for any weakness they see on your face; and nor will they attempt to take advantage of you!  A real person can trust those who are like that.  But after awhile you will be comfortable with yourself and any facial insecurity will not show.  Also you need to stop drinking in order to stop smoking!!!! Didn't know that did you!  The drinking interferes with memory formation of your sense of self and any progress with that you are making.  I grew up with the most wealthy spoiled brats the nation ever knew.  Would you really want a pregnant child to be born mentally retarded because you smoked and drank?  Think of how bad a person that would make you, stop smoking, and belief that the life you saved is not just your own!  That smoking in your home will also lead to early onset arthritis of your children.  You thought they would be a professional athlete or even enjoy physical activity past the age of 35, no they won't if you smoke in the house and they are present!  They won't even be able to chop wood!

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