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Thursday, October 2, 2014

On the Narcissist 10 02 2014

On the Narcissist 10 02 2014

Stream of consciousness continued from my blog comments on the narcissist yesterday.

The next thing that beast say’s is, “You’re not good enough to assert a rights violation or prosecute me for acts of violence!

At which point it then takes the opportunity to further bother you.

It creates a delusion of ownership of you in its mind in order to justify its comparative dependent mind to your independent mind!

It doesn’t want people to learn how to read so that it can enslave them! That is why the Puritans hung witches and warlocks! There were many reasons! And a teacher creating negative expectations in a child who she is naturally jealous of is one of them. She knows that child can read but she is very mean to it and wants to make it believe that it isn’t as smart as it is! Believe it or not the archetype of the spiteful woman I am describing is far too common in our world today!

What it loathes most is that you have confidence in your capability for independent human thought! Remember this fur ears listen’s to your thinking!

What makes the narcissist and other satanic so appealing or attractive? It is very simple they don’t expend their own mental energy because they have none; hence they always seem more relaxed! Great trick until you find out that you can’t rely on them when you need to!

The true narcissist is just another archetype of a person that is mentally defective and does not have its own human conscience or human reason.

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

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