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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Simple and Fraudulently neglected Concept of a Lesbian being a woman who believes she can be a better man than a man

The Simple and Fraudulently neglected Concept of a Lesbian being a woman who believes she can be a better man than a Man10 01 2014
1. Spitefully deny it!
2.The motivation being a non-belief in their own father? Think Dick Cheney.
3. The motivation being a strong identification with her father and life with a bad or mean mother?
4. The construct being an invalid mother figure (a drunk or druggie) whereby there wasn't a proper mother female mind for her to bond or "imprint" to?
5.  The motivation being of one of a calling for help in life!  Putting out a call for help sign by asking for attention?  The statement being, "If the real men don't come out and rectify my life's history I am going to wreak havoc on this world."

When you read the Constitution and compare it to the Current laws and legal interpretations do you come to the Conclusion that one was of the factors cited in the Declaration of Independence, "The king rewrote our laws!"

Are women a major factor in rewriting our laws for the above reason?

What you are going to find out is that you will suffer from your bad interpretations as is the case already in many political issues!  In other words the worst thing for the spoiled brat or willful person is to allow them to have their own way on every single issue!

Why is she attempting to fulfill the gender role of a male?  That is the question that isn't asked and isn't answered.  The reason is that she was raised to believe in a neutral gendered mind by living off the thoughts of a demonized one? 

Men's brains are wired a lot differently than men and they are 10% larger!  And it was indeed men who fought for what the United States believed in Freedom!  That freedom doesn't mean whimsically interpretation of the laws created to document and preserve freedom!

Now the son of a woman like that will often go out of his way to create acts he thinks are strong actions of men.  That men will appeal to!  But just the opposite is true!  And what they really appeal to is a false ideology of strength promoted by the above archetype of a woman.

So I have just drawn you my artistic literary impressions of both Mary Burke and Scott Walker!!!

The concept of fairness the sore loser believes in is, "It's not fair that some men are so much smarter than I! We better put them on medicine for my benefit."  Is this the concept of fairness Barrack Obama believes in?  He was raised by a woman.
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